Rhetorical Devices By:Fuschia Carter and Daeshawna Hotsled

Ad Hominem is choosing to attack the person rather than solve the actual issue at hand. Ex: Don't listen to a word that sally says she got an F on her last English test.
Allusion is in reference to anything that was created in another time within history , another place, or well-known celebrity or person.
Analogy is the comparison between two similar or contrast things for the purpose of clarifying the true meaning. Ex: water is to soil as bird is to worm.
Antithesis is the opposition or difference between two things. Ex: We must fight to obtain our freedom, fighting to stay free is not true freedom.
Aphorism is a statement, claim, or opinion that is true. Ex: If you must lie to gain fame, fortune, and power than all your seemingly hard work is in vain.
Ignorance Argument is an argument that states that something is true because it hasn't been proven to be false. Ex: If there is no such thing as aliens than why does the government shoot people on sight If they are spot near Area 51.
Bandwagon is the follow the leader principal even If the leader is a moron. Ex: Sammy snuck out of the house to go to a party to get wasted just like everybody else.
Begging the Question is an argument that happens when the speaker makes a statement with an unknown word or phrase that must be explained before continuing with the argument. Ex: A new born baby is the embodiment of innocence. A baby is like a new kid at at a high school. they don't know much about the new world that they have just entered until they explore it.
Connotation is the disposition or mood that is associated with a word. Ex: We don't speak of my report card from last semester it always makes my mom angry at me.
Denotation is the true meaning of a word. Ex: You have the IQ of a brilliant scientist.

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