Careers By stephanie barrientos

My Factors for Careers are decent salary , location , minimum travel,and have time for family and friends.

I chose a police officer as one of my careers because I would like to help people and keep the community safe. Also they make a decent salary in my hometown town where I will probably start off my career. The starting salary is $16.46 per hour and the annual gross pay is $34,236.8 they also work full time(40 hrs). After a year of working in Dodge City policie force your salary goes up to $17.12 and the annual gross pay is $35,609.6. The skills required are physically fit, communication skills, good with people, good judgement, special skills such as fluency in another language. I think a have this skills and if I don't I can easy get them.

Another occupation I chose was Elementary School Teacher because I like being with kids and I feel like it will be a fun job. They also make an okay salary if I don't have to support a family. I also like the hours which are 8 to 9 hrs a day. The teachers that work in Dodge usually work from 7 am to 3,4:15pm. Which gives me plenty of time to spend with friends and family. I will also have a lot of vacation including winter break, spring break, and summer break. The skills required for this job are enjoying teaching children, patient, clam, uderstanding, and good communication skills. And I believe I poses all these skills.

My third occupation was a Detective because I think it will be a fun job. They also make a very good salary ,their starting salary is $20.09. They work fulltime(40hrs) but many wok more then 40, they're also on call which means if their needed at any time they must go in . The skills required for the job are problem solving skills, observant, detail oriented, calm, and work well with a team, which are all skills I have or can easily possess.

Thiese are all great jobs but i have one that fills all my factors. They have decent pay which increases through the years. Also can do this job in my hometown or anywhere in the US. They hardly travel they just cover they're county their signed to.And have time for friends and family with their 12 shifts ,from 6am to 6pm which gives me plenty have time to enjoy with family and friends. I'm leaning to police officer because it includes all my factors. As well for the skills I don't have a couple of the skills required but i can gain them easily. Being a police officer is the best fit for me.

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