Eduardo Martinez Art 1 Portfolio

Goals I chose are to maintain my friendships. I always had difficulty making friends, so keeping the ones I already made is important.
Drawing of a skull.
These are geometric forms of a cylinders and cones. I used them to practice Form with Value and Chiaroscuro.
The same as above, but with spheres.
Drawing of the eyes.
Drawing of the nose.
Drawing of another set of eyes, and lips.
Drawing of ears.
Attempt at drawing a shoe without looking at it for more than a few seconds. The next few photos are from the "pre-test".
Same as the shoe, only with cannon, bird cage, and teapot (?)
Same as above, but with hands. Each drawing was done with different fingers opened.
My first self portrait
An attempt at drawing my hand.
Drawing of one of Northwood High School's hallways.
To the left are practicing different types of lines. To the right is an attempt at drawing a girl. These are called gesture drawings.
These are drawings of girl on the left, and a boy in different postures.
Another set of boys in different postures.
A group of drawing showcasing various types of lines. They are line variety.
One Point Perspective drawing with cubes. These drawing and the one below are called contour drawing.
Two Point Perspective drawing with cubes.
A scale showing the lightness and darkness of Value.
Drawing of a manikin. We practiced shadows using the manikin with a single light source.
Here I am listening on how to properly use the saw, hammer, and drill.
I worked on this puppet, adding glue and paper mache to cover it. In a few days, i would then have begun drawing on it. The most difficult parts were the nose and eyes. Trying to figure out how to create them cost me some time.
My artwork is surreal. It is illogical and impossible to occur naturally. The octopus with a mask and shield, the octopus that works as a stand for my beliefs, and the floor made up of octopuses that are not real. I created my art using several photos of real life objects. The octopuses themselves, the blueprint, the greeting card, mask, shield, and calculator are real photos of real objects. This Collage represents my belief in defending my ideas, which are presented via the calculator, blueprint, and greeting card. The octopus stand is holding up my beliefs as high as it can. The octopus with the mask and shield act as a protector of my beliefs. My goal was to show make the person seeing my collage understand what my belief was. I think that I could have added more objects to fill in space. More octopuses could fill the empty space in the top right.
I created this artwork using violet, blue, and blue-violet. My main idea was to make each individual part of the drawing, from the background to the irises. I wanted to paint different shades of blue and purple for each part of the painting. Although, I used mostly dark colors instead.
Pop Art is known as an art movement that challenged artists with creating advertisements and ads that could be seen as paintings. For example, an ad for a drink on a wall with smaller ad posters around it.
I made my ceramic mask using colors red, black, blue, and gold. I used 5 symbols: A shield, tentacle, calculator, eye blueprint, and an ear where my mouth should be. They all represent various parts of my personalities as an INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging), which represents who I am. The shield is a representation of my name. The tentacle is for the best animal that suits my traits. A calculator for my intelligence. An eye blueprint for my want in having a well managed and planned out mind. The ear is for me constantly listening to people, but never really talking.
Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. - Salvador Dali

Artist: Salvador DalĂ­ ; Created in 1954 ; His medium was oil on a canvas. ; It can found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

One reason I like this painting, is first due to it's incomprehensibleness. If you told somebody to tell them what the point of this painting was, you would receive blank stares. Even if you look at each object individually, it could take quite a while to understand it. It is also very well made. It has well made Form and shadows.

Overall, I learned a lot in this semester of art. I learned how to use shadows, what is too dark, too light, and just right. I learned about perspective, lighting, and color. I learned that there are different types of lines, and art made entirely of one line. I learned about history and it's importance in art. I understood parts of painting I could not before this class. This class has made me realize art isn't just thinking of something and drawing it. You need passion and drive to draw amazingly. Without either of those, you will take ages to think of something to draw and even more to actually draw it.

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