Final Major Project Reflective Journal Week 2 By daniel james rousell

13-18 March

Monday 13th March

I had been sick the whole of the weekend and the illness had hit me pretty hard and made me throw up over most of the day, but I kept doing my research on the graphics by looking at Minecraft pixel art videos and other pixel based games. I even looked at 2D games on the NES and SNES to get an idea for the graphics.

Me doing research.

Tuesday 14th March

After a long day of making notes about the graphics and planning out the levels, I got to work on researching myths and legends. This helped me to decide upon the identities of some of my characters. I even used some of the earth mysteries like the aurora borealis which also lead me to look into the star constellations. This was interesting and allowed me to think of the backstory of the characters in more depth.

different types of mythology

Wednesday 15th March

After rethinking the game plot and concept again, I was finally happy with where I wanted the game story to lead, making use of the research on the star constellations and the aurora borealis. I came up with names for three of the main heroes but I still needed to refine the backstory of the characters.

Thursday 16th March

Feeling better, I went to college but I still wasn’t feeling 100%. I put my head down and got on with the work that had to be completed, like my PowerPoint for the FMP proposal which I was still unhappy with. Although I had put together the presentation, I felt that it could have been to a higher standard.

Once I had finalised my PowerPoint, I managed to deliver the pitch for my proposal. However, I felt like I was having a mental breakdown which annoyed me to the point where I was angry at the fact that I let my nerves get the better of me. The anxiety I was feeling caused me to trip over my words while I was delivering the presentation.

Saturday 18th March

I went to MCM Conic Con at the NEC in Birmingham to get more ideas for the game and to enjoy myself. I met Bryce Papenbrook and Trina Nishimura, main voice actors for AOT (Attack on Titan), and saw Apollo who won the 2016 series of Robot Wars. I even met Andrew Lee Potts who plays Connor Temple from Primeval, which I wanted to watch again for old time's sake. After I had something to eat, I went home to watch AOT for the first time and it kind of dragged on a bit till the point where I just turned off Netflix and watched YouTube to pass the time for a bit.

MCM Comic Con at the NEC 2017

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