OCTOBER 18, 2020



Ever noticed that one day you find yourself dialed into God's word, kicking off the day in scripture; and the next, well, not so much?

Launch | Learn | Lead is designed to meet you there.

There are ebbs and flows in every week. Launch | Learn | Lead is not only created to meet you in different seasons of spiritual growth, but also to insert grace in each day.

Think of each category not as steps to move up, but as cups to fill up. Aim to fill all three each week. But when the day comes you land only on LAUNCH, praise God for meeting you there!

LAUNCH includes quick but thoughtful ways to incorporate regular rhythms into your life.

LEARN employs a piece of scripture that extends from the Sunday sermon. Read it and journal the weekly question.

LEAD is for times and seasons when you are leading others in Christ or looking to do so.


1 Timothy 2:8-15


Think of a time you were under the authority of an amazing leader.

  • Can you see how God, being of ultimate authority, placed you in that leader's path?
  • Thank God for placing that person in your life.

Make a list of those who have been placed under your authority.

  • Consider what you know about Jesus' authority while He was on earth. Ask the Spirit to show you where you fall short with those He has placed under your care.
  • Ask the Spirit to encourage and show you where you are loving and leading well.


Read Matthew 20:20-28.

Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant...


Matthew 28:18 tells us that Jesus has been given all authority on heaven and earth. Jesus is the ultimate authority of all eternity and time.


  • If Jesus is the ultimate authority and He came to serve, what does that tell me about how God gives true authority?
  • If true authority serves, how am I to respond to broken authority?
  • Do I truly believe that submitting to authority is not succumbing to broken authority, but rather submitting to God?


So far in 1 Timothy we have explored all levels of authority: in home, church, and nation.

  • What happens when the authority given to me in order to serve others is abused?
  • In contrast, what is the result when I surrender the authority given to me?


Each time you are together, open with prayer and by reading Hebrews 10:24-25 as a reminder why we meet:

Hebrews 10:24-25--And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

Discuss the following in Small Group. Open up by encouraging each member to deeply consider each question -- even if it seems basic. Allow space for honest replies.


[Have one or more people read aloud.]

But she will be saved through childbearing, if they continue in faith, love, and holiness...

GROUP TOPIC: Not How It Was Intended

  • What knee-jerk reaction do you have to hearing this passage?
  • Let's lay it out from the beginning, what life experiences do you bring to this passage that might shape your understanding of the original meaning?

Here's a quick heads up, we are going to read a lot of scripture this week, but each and every verse is necessary. Try mixing it up by moving between the leader reading aloud, having people read it aloud, and reading it to themselves quietly.

  • In verse 18 what does God desire for Adam?

God is looking for a helper that corresponds to Adam.

  • What is the significance of Adam naming all the animals of the earth?

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible remarks, "It is an act of authority to impose names, and an act of subjection to receive them." (See example in Dan. 1:7.) Throughout the Bible we see that naming is a right of authority.

  • What stories from the Bible can you recall where someone is named or renamed and then subjects themselves to the authority of the naming party?
  • Who named womankind?
  • Is this pre or post fall?

GROUP TOPIC: Broken Design Does Not Mean Design Destroyed

First, animals were created as the man’s companions. They were under human authority, but it was intended that they should not be exploited.

BROKEN AUTHORITY - We see that this authority was broken when an animal (the serpent) deceived the woman. Humans end up getting ruled by the animals they were intended to have authority over.

Read on.

  • Who did God intend to look after and protect the women?
  • Where is the woman's protector when her deceiver is talking to her?
  • When the serpent approached the women, who did she run to for guidance or protection?

BROKEN AUTHORITY - Just as God intended the man to have unexploited, perfect authority over the animals, so He intended the man to have over the woman.

The woman was intended to flourish and grow under the authority of man. The man was intended to worship and bless under the authority of God.

  • In the story of the fall, how does Adam exploit God's intended design for authority?
  • How does the woman exploit the intended design for authority?
  • Men -- do you struggle with being passive and giving up your authority; or being aggressive and misusing your authority?
  • How does God respond to the woman for not seeking the protection and guidance of the man? (v. 16)
  • How does God respond to the man for being passive and not exercising his authority over the woman? (v.17)
  • How does God respond to the serpent? (v. 14)

We often see this only through the lens of death and the fall, but here we see the very first whisper of hope, life and redemption.

Broken design does not mean design destroyed...”
  • What does the man name the woman? And what does her name mean?

Looking above, recall what implications we decided naming has in the Bible.

  • Although God's design for authority was broken through the sin of mankind, how do we see redemption through the curse of the serpent and the naming of Eve?

God instantly made a way not only for His plan for authority on earth, but also for His plan for all mankind. Does knowing this help you to trust God's plan for authority today? Yes, it is broken authority, but it's placed in the hands of a whole and perfect Father.

  • What sort of trust and hope does it create in you to know that God instantly created a plan of redemption for our broken, fallen authority?
  • How will you respond in obedience to God this week considering that?

GROUP TOPIC: Freedom Through Authority

Each time Jesus gave authority to someone else it was to free someone. (💡 This might be a great personal study to take on this week.)

  • Can you think of a time you saw someone use their authority to provide a path to freedom for someone else?
  • In what ways are you using the authority given to you to free and bless others?


Each week let the following questions be prompts to open up the discussion of how your small group can hold each other accountable.

  • Are there any hurts with regard to authority that you need to share with this small group?
  • Confess to your small group any ways you might be using your authority to bind up those under you, rather than bless them. Bring these things to light is the first step in recovering God's good design for authority in your life.
  • Men -- text one another this week and simple ask, "Is your authority passive or aggressive this week?"
  • Women -- text one another with the simple phrase, "Submitting to authority is submitting to God."


We know that Family Discipleship can be intimidating. The Family Guide is meant to work in concert with our Small Group and Personal Guides, all flowing from the Sunday service, creating a complete experience from worship to small group to home.


1 Timothy 2:8-15

Start by reading 1 Timothy 2:8-15 together.


This guide will be a great resource in helping your kids understand the blessing of living under authority - specifically, your authority. Take the time to pray before you use this guide this week.

Emphasize the following points as you go through the guide with your family.

  • Authority is a gift from God to protect those who are under authority and allow them to thrive.
  • Our authority as parents is broken, but God recovers his original plan for human authority through Jesus.
  • Authority and submission are both good in the home!

Read 1 Timothy 2:8-15 and discuss with your spouse authority and submission.

Use the group guide for help in this area.

FAMILY TOPIC: The Creation of Man and Woman

Read and/or summarize Genesis 2:15-25

Ask the following questions:

  • What rule did God establish for the man?
  • What is the consequence of breaking that rule?
  • What does God desire for Adam according to vs. 18?

FAMILY TOPIC: The Fall & Broken Authority

Explain: First, animals were created as the man’s companions. They were under human authority, but it was intended that they should not be exploited.

Read Genesis 1:24–31

We see that this authority was broken when an animal (the serpent) deceived the woman.

Read and/or summarize Genesis 3. This will be a lot for younger kids, but it’s good for the to hear the truth of God’s Word.

Emphasize these 2 points:

  • The woman was intended to flourish and grow under the authority of man.
  • The man was intended to worship and grow under the authority of God.

FAMILY TOPIC: Authority Restored

Ask the following questions:

  • When does Adam name the woman? (Genesis 3:20)
  • What does her name mean?

Take note that she is given her name after the Fall not before. Highlight that God’s plan to fully recover his design started in Genesis. (Gen. 3:16-17 points to the seed of Eve who would bring victory over the serpent. Jesus brings that victory!)


Share from your own life from the following categories throughout the week

  • An area where you struggle to submit to authority. How are you responding?
  • An area where you are needing to wisely use the authority you have been given. How are you trusting the Lord with this authority?
  • Recognize some of the brokenness in your authority over your kids and explain to them that as you follow Jesus he is redeeming your authority.

Do you have a story about your Small Group or Personal Response that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear it!


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