Welcoming The King 27/28 MARCH 2021 | PRAYER & PRAISE SERVICE | Ps Clement Ong

Welcoming The King


Ps Clement Ong

Scripture Passage: John 12:12-19 (NIV)



Summary: On Palm Sunday Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem as Messiah and King. Do we acknowledge and welcome him as King in all aspects of our lives?

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Passion Week. It is recorded in all four Gospels.

1. The Premise of the Welcome. The crowd had gathered for the Passover and the population of Jerusalem had greatly swelled. However, the crowd was also interested to see Jesus. News of his miracles had spread especially the raising of Lazarus from the dead a few days earlier. The crowd was spreading their cloaks in allegiance, waving palm branches and shouting Hosanna to the King! Prophecy was being fulfilled and the people dared to hope that this might indeed be the Messiah and King they had been waiting for. (Zechariah 9:9, Psalm 118:22-26). However, in less than a week the welcomed king became the convicted criminal!

2. The Problem with the Welcome. Jesus never came to claim earthly power and authority as the people mistakenly believed he would. He came to establish an eternal spiritual Kingdom. In Luke’s Gospel, it is recorded that Jesus wept for Jerusalem even as he prophesied its destruction because the people had failed to recognise the coming of God. The people yearned for a warrior Messiah who would fight Rome and free them from their oppressors. But this was not God’s plan and the people were gravely disappointed. Would we not have reacted the same way? We too are often spiritually blind as we focus on God’s gifts and not the One who gives. All who carry news of the Gospel can expect such a problematic welcome.

3. The Promise of the Welcome. Jesus was aware of all that would happen. Even as he entered triumphantly, he knew that he had to suffer as the sacrificial passover lamb in order to fulfil the Promise of Scripture in Romans 5:8. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus walked towards his death on that first Palm Sunday. This is the Jesus we worship who gave himself up for us and is with us through all the seasons of our lives. Let us extend the welcome of Christ to all those around us even as we determine to release aspects of our life which we still do not surrender to Him.

(Sermon Notes by Frances Lim)


1. Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem with shouts of different hopes and expectations of who Jesus was to them. Reflect who Jesus is in your life and give thanks for His presence.

2. Jesus was welcomed as Messiah King. Are we welcoming Jesus as King over every aspect of our lives? Spend some time to pray and to surrender ourselves to God.

3. Jesus welcomed His death as He took the first step in this Holy Week leading up to the cross. As we take our steps to follow Jesus and bring the Gospel into the world, what are we doing to welcome others into our lives and to testify to God’s love?