Christmas Cactus By Gabriella Marcello

Did you know the Christmas cactus is a plant that can live to be 20-30 years old? The Christmas cactus looks different than other cacti. It also has a very interesting lifestyle, needing lots of special care to stay alive. It is a beautiful decoration for your home.


There are many interesting things about the appearance of the Christmas cactus. Unlike other cacti, the Christmas cactus are small, smooth and have flat stems and leaves with almost no points and produces flowers. Also it has a double flower with one flower in the middle and one on the outside. It can also come in different colors, such as pink, red, white, lavender, peach, and orange . The cactus blooms around November through January, but could continue to bloom throughout the year.


The Christmas cactus is very picky about their habitat. They are originally from Brazil and are considered tropical plant. They like to be in pots, with moist soil full of nutrients. Also their pots should get be changed every three years so the cactus can grow bigger. When properly cared for, Christmas cacti can live for 20-30 years.


All cacti need very specific things to survive. The Christmas cactus is no different. The best temperature for a Christmas cactus is a toasty 68 degrees. They like their surroundings warm and sunny. The Christmas cactus will die if the temperature is under 50 degrees. They need direct sun light in the fall and winter. During the rest of the year, they do best in indirect sunlight. The Christmas cactus grows best in moist soil, but will die if they are given too much water. The Christmas cactus is a very picky plant, it likes its environment just right, or it won't bloom.

The Christmas cactus is a beautiful, but very picky plant. It's needs are very specific, like the best temperature for its environment, and the amount of water it likes. If the cactus is happy, you will get to see the unique double flower. If you are looking for a pretty plant that will live for a long time, go get a Christmas cactus!


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