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Created from the hallowed out husk of old houses of worship and destroyed military bases, The University of Azure Flame was founded in 1930 and located in the Baskerville Region between Olde Town and Downtown Port Town. It’s a semi-public university that is populated by 15,000 students, 500 faculty and Staff, 50 acres of forest integrated into the buildings and landscape, and a watch tower that overlooks the ground the Azure Flame shines on. It’s an imposing campus welcoming only the best and brightest scholars ranging from modern magic, mundane studies, and archaic practices.

The Campus doesn’t have a distinct set of magic but most of them rely on tools of magic ranging from crystals, blades, wands, and cards…things of that nature. They have a strict code against inhumane practices of magic, dressing obscenely, and causing a stain in the school’s reputation.

Most students attending the University are from founding members of different covens or scholarship students with a glowing reference letter from a “Witch with excellent reputation.” Your reputation and name holds a lot of weight on this campus. Image is everything to the point that the purpose of magic is somewhat thrown to the way side.

…And yet…never mind…

The Hallowed Grounds

Some [No Filter] History…

UFA was originally a small coven of witches that called themselves “Lords of the Cerulean Blade” which originated in late 1800s. They were to put it bluntly a group of eccentric and awkward group of white “nice guys” who felt like society wasn’t paying them much of a fair deal (times never seem to change do they). They always seemed to blame some sort of “Alpha Male” figure for their problems without any sense of self-reflection or introspection on themselves. Always the victim, never the victor…they were the butt of many jokes.

That was until 1925 with the boom of their membership and power. They started invested into a lot of Port Town’s economy and the magical academia that we know today. You’re probably are thinking that this is going to be a story of triumphant self-starters right…well not exactly.

See the Lords of the Cerulean Blade had a very bad habit of human sacrifices, eldritch experimentations, and inhumane torture of supernatural creatures, hazing, sexual misconduct, extortion, and pillaging if you can believe it. And because they were credited for a lot of their “contributions” a lot of it was overlooked and unchallenged.

Five years later the University of the Azure Flame appeared, welcoming young men of upstanding status [white, male, affluent] into their mix opening the door to several generations of ass- I mean several generations of talented male witches…including the fucc bois high street witches. This also resulted in the creation of the Silver Vine Institute in 1932 for colored students to attend and the two have been rivals ever since.

In 1955, the Lords of the Cerulean Blade would thrive as the controlling coven in politics in a lot of Port Town until the Morrison Papers were introduced.

The only recorded photo of the Kennedy Five

The Morrison Papers and the Kennedy Five...

The Morrison Papers started out as an investigative report into different covens of Port Town with an unsavory history. And the stars of the papers were The Lords of the Cerulean Blade. One particular incident they were looking into were the disappearance of the Kennedy five.

The Kennedy Five were a group of five freshmen staying in the Kennedy dorm and disappeared without a trace in 1945.

The local Police had investigated the campus looking for the five students, resulting in them declaring it a disappearance brought on by supernatural means…aka “They were spirited away by ghost or some sh*t who cares.” But one reporter by the name of Erikah Chambers aka Eric Chamberlin took it upon herself and enrolled into UAF as a freshman to get a firsthand account on their disappearance. She was a black woman passing a white man and able to get into the school’s inner circle to retrieve a set of papers documenting every incident that took place within the campus and also the Lords of the Cerulean Blade.

So what did she find out about the Kennedy Five?

The Kennedy Five were a group of scholarship students that had certain particular traits. All of them were turning 18, virgins, born on Walpurgisnacht or Walurgis Night, and had an affinity for elemental magic. Which isn’t anything too out of the ordinary, but one thing that really stood out was the fact that each of them was able to “Hear the World Speak.” Most of the files that describe what this mean have been redacted. One clue as to what this could mean is the multiple mentions of “The Myst Wytch” who is said to be the speaker of the land. But there’s nothing to really go on.

On April 30 1945, The Kennedy Five were given an invitation to join the Lords of the Cerulean Blade as initiate members. They were told to meet in the hollowed grounds behind The Watchtower and head straight into the forest for the initiation. What waited them was a ritual and their doom, apparently that coven was going to use them to gain power of the elements and one step closer to the gods. Everything was going as planned.

But what they weren’t expecting was the grounds having their own say in the matter. A bad storm had appeared, striking the Kennedy Five and making them disappear without a trace. Without any evidence or success from their endeavor, the coven made these five young man disappear from the records.

In 1957, Erikah Chambers would not only be the first black woman to have a front page featurette in the Lordship Press, but also became the first woman graduate of UAF well that was after she was suspended as Eric Chamberlin in 1959.

When Erikah Chambers released this information to the public, the town was in an uproar which resulted in the 1968 trial and execution of the head members of The Lords of the Cerulean Blade. This would also lead to the coven’s disbandment after accounting for 200 gross violations of inhumane uses of magic and the school being transferred to being in the hands of the public.

UAF Currently:

The University of Azure Flame is a somewhat strict no nonsense university that researches all manor magic with over 40 degree paths, 100 license paths, and over 30 different fellowships and coven membership offers to their top students . If you’re looking for a creative space to expressive yourself, then you’ve come to the wrong school. On campus everyone is dressed to the campuses standard: Black hat, Cape, and Professional/Decorative wear. Nothing can be out of place, everyone must adhere to the code of conduct, and everyone must know their place under the Azure Eye of the Watchtower.

Most students find their freedom either in the always active Downtown District or the adventurous streets of Olde Town. Whatever happens in these districts, stays in these districts, otherwise if the campus gets word or a hint of debauchery, troublemaking, and mockery…you can bet that you will no longer have a place at the University.

The Current president of UAF is Allison Boric who has been seen as a supporter of relaxing some of the strict codes set on the students. She’s viewed as a bit of a renegade and is like by most of the students, disliked by a lot of UAF’s old guard, and has been viewed with a lot of scrutiny recently for her frequent talks with both members of Downtown and Olde Towns different covens. The purpose of these meetings has not been disclosed.

…That’s all I can give you for now.

What to expect from the students and staff
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