Pre-Ap Chemistry Take Home Lab Hope Houston

Cosmetic Brush Cleaner . pH level of 8, bright blue, strong stench, thin liquid. Base.

Body Lotion. pH level of 8, thick, white, flower scented. Base

Ketchup. pH level of 4, red thick, tomato smell. Acid

Hot Sauce. pH level of 4, red, thin, strong smell. Acid

Listerine. pH level of 5, blue, minty, thin liquid. Acid.

Coconut Oil. ph level of 6, white, thick, soft, melts in hand, moderate scent. Acid

Non acetone, nail polish remover. pH level of 6, Blue, strong somewhat flowery scent, thin. Acid.

Pure Acetone nail polish remover. pH level of 5, strong smell, colorless, thin liquid. Acid

Smoothing Hair Serum. pH level of 4, thick, no color, oily, moderate smell. Acid

Disinfectant Wipes. pH level of 10, the liquid is colorless, strong lem smell, thin. Base

Dusting spray. pH level of 8, colorless, thin, lemon scent. Base

Windex. pH level of 11, base. blue, thin. strong smell.

Febreze. pH level of 6, acid. thin, light blue, flowery smell.

Butter spray. pH level of 6, acid. yellow, thin. butter smell.

Fruit Juice. pH level of 6, acid. orange tint, thin, peach smell.

the end - hope houston


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