Newsletter 19th June 2020

Headteacher Comment

As we draw to the end of a soggy week at Greenfields, we are becoming more used to our 'new normal'. An increased number of children returned this week in the year groups we have open: Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 6, and again, seeing more children on the school site has made Greenfields feel more like 'Greenfields' again. Of course, we remain cautious with social distancing so that everyone can be as safe as they can, so PE sessions, playtimes and lunchtimes are very different, and of course, there are no gatherings of children at the moment. Shared experiences like these in 'normal' times help our school to feel like one big, happy family and it would be easy to los this in lockdown. Therefore, we have tried to provide 'virtual' gatherings through daily PE, Ms Bayes;' PE challenges and of course our Celebration Assembly - all of which are shared and commented on, on Google Classroom.

All of these, and the weekly phone calls from teachers, help keep the bonds between home and school strong so that when we are eventually allowed to open fully, everyone will be able to share their memories of what Greenfields was like 'that time when we were all apart'. Please do continue supporting your children to access the many ways that we are sharing Greenfields life and learning with you, help your children to connect with their friends on Google Classroom and other online platforms.

Take care and have a lovely weekend

Mrs Appleby

It's been very dramatic in Year 6!

We have been doing lots of drama in Year Six this week. Here we are acting out our roles as characters from our English story!

Year 6 Drama Class

Natural Art

This week Year One collected leaves and made leaf necklaces. They used a stick to weave the string through the leaves and had to be very gentle! They also got creative in art and made new colours with a fun painting activity!

Terrific Tigers

Spiralised, Naturally!

This week, the Key Worker group have been looking at the spiral form in nature. They have been studying the Russian artist Kandinsky. Using elements from Kandinsky's distinctive style, the group drew and painted the natural spirals they found.

Key Worker Group's Work

Blind Talent

This week Year Five have been challenged to perform a talent while blindfolded. Here is the amazing Arunali playing the piano incredibly well whilst blindfolded !


Mud Glorious Mud

This week the children in Ladybirds bubbles have enjoyed using the mud kitchen. After mixing, stirring and cooking their mud creations they were more than happy to share what they had cooked with their friends.

Getting Creative in Ladybirds

Ladybirds have been making the most of the dry spells this week in the 2yr old room. They have enjoyed a lovely tea party with friends, and got creative with paint and colour mixing. They also worked on developing their fine motor skills with some scissor practice. What a great week!

Greenfields Pupils Wow in 'DRET's Got Talent'!

In recognition for all of the musically talented pupils across the DRET academies, the Trust decided to host DRET’s Got Talent Music Google Classroom challenge. Greenfields had a small number of entrants, despite this, we had three children who were awarded with Highly Commended.

'Well done', Shania from Soaring Eagles for your singing, Jake from Remarkable Rhinos for your guitar playing and Meisha from Proud Lions for your singing!

For Singing
For Guitar
For Singing

This weeks Stars are:

  • Winter from Ladybirds
  • Ebony from Busy Bees
  • Frankie from Dragonflies
  • Lexii- Rose from Happy Hyenas
  • Logan from Terrific Tigers
  • Tyler from Excellent Elephants
  • Philip from Smart Snakes
  • Logan from Cheeky Monkeys
  • Ruby from Marvellous Meerkats
  • Darius from Powerful Panthers
  • Jacqueline from Remarkable Rhinos
  • Saif from Champion Cheetahs
  • Allen from Super Sharks
  • Summer-Rose from Proud Lions
  • Rodrigo from Soaring Eagles.

How to Enjoy Lockdown

Remarkable Rhinos have been thinking about our "Lockdown Wins" These are positives things that have come from being in lockdown. Jake has listed all his wins, Oliver has had lots of time riding his bike and baking, Sharna has learnt to cook and has mastered the hoverboard, Asma has been really creative with her parents and Robyn has been baking! Although it has been tough at times, it is so important to think about the positives that have come from our experiences.

Jake, Oliver, Robyn and Sharna

That Makes Sense!

This week in Reception the children have explored their senses. They closed their eyes and opened them quickly to see what they could see. They then kept very quiet to see what they could hear, and then they felt feathers and smelt some herbs and curry powder! Finally, the children tasted lemon followed by some chocolate. The class had a great time exploring their senses.

Dragonflies enjoyed playing with the water cascades. They especially enjoyed working together and sharing the soapy resources in the outside area.

Mathletics Marvels

Congratulations Kira and Miguel for your Gold Awards!

Kira from Smart Snakes
Miguel from Super Sharks

Celebration Assembly Competition Time

In the olden days when school was very different, our amazing Greenfields teachers awarded our students who achieved 100% attendance for the previous 5 days, and their names were entered into a hat for the Foody Friday Prize Draw. We cannot do this now that we are teaching from home. Did this stop the awesome team of dedicated Greenfields Staff? No it did not! The lovely Mrs Tyrrell-Smith did not let this deter her efforts to reward our hard working pupils, and there is a competition in every assembly, so watch out for this every Friday Morning. See below for some of our winners so far!

Dario and Ted

Virtual P.E.

Joe Wicks has now reduced his workouts to 3 days a week, however it's still a great way to get active and they are great fun with quiz questions to answer.

Joe Wicks PE Sessions

Don't forget to join us all in following the Joe Wicks PE lesson every day live on YouTube

School Uniform

Compulsory School Uniform

Please place orders with Karlsports. They are fully stocked with all items in all available sizes of Greenfields Primary School and Nursery uniform. Please make orders through the Karlsports website as the shop is currently closed due to social distancing rules.

Northamptonshire Education Awards 2020

You may remember that last year Greenfields Primary School and Nursery won Primary School of the Year at the Northamptonshire Education Awards 2019. We were so proud of this fabulous recognition of our school. The Northamptonshire Education Awards 2020 will be hosted on 17th July at Wicksteed Park and parents are now able to nominate their child's school. Lots of our staff and parents are not only working from home, but are also teaching their own children. I am sure you can appreciate how difficult this can be! With that in mind we would love for you to nominate Greenfields Primary School and Nursery for our OUTSTANDING education.

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Last day of Term - Thursday 16th July 2020

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