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In this study, you will find an exhibit that demonstrates the different study environments and noise levels that could be used while studying/reviewing notes on a regular basis. The three "study environments" I chose were no noise (silence), and background noise in the form of a noise machine (white noise, thunderstorms, or ocean sounds) or a television. This experiment was performed over the length of a week. This allowed three BIOL 1040 lectures in this time period, one for each of the three study environment options. Each environment was designated on of the days of lecture for the week. Television background noise was used on Monday, no noise was done on Wednesday, and background noise of the ocean was used on Friday. Each set of notes was reviewed for one thirty minute period while still on campus before this experiment was performed. To complete the study, I either put on the decided background noise, or left my room silent. Notes were studied for thirty minutes each in one of the three environments. To test the results, I took a corresponding MasteringBiology quiz that my professor has provided for the course.

For the television background noise, the channel was placed on TLC for something that I wasn't incredibly interesting, but that would also be calming and not tense. The TV was left on while I studied and while I tested the results (MasteringBiology quiz). The results are shown below, and as you can see, this background noise did not yield great results.

Quiz One with Television Background Noise

The second environment was no noise at all and this was done while studying the notes and taking the provided quiz. Unlike the two other environments, there was no sort of calming noise whatsoever, it was just complete silence. This part of the experiment showed better results than the previous environment, and I was slightly more pleased with these results.

Quiz Two with No Background Noise

The third and final set of notes for the week were studied with background noise of the ocean from a noise machine. This is a very calming sound and performed the best out of all the study environments.

Quiz Two with Ocean Background Noise


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