Pope John Paul II Catherine SAJDAK,EMILY Regalado ,LANEY WOywOD

Pope John's Era
  • Capital punishment
  • Communism
  • War, ending of Vietnam War, and Pope John lived through World War II
  • Segregation
  • Terrorism stemmed from Politics

Road To Sainthood

  • Studied in secret to become a Priest, because the nazi troops did not approve of this.
  • When World War II ended, he finished his religious studies at Krakow seminary, and was ordained in 1946
  • He reigned as pope for 27 years
  • A few weeks after his death, Pope Benedict XVI said he would rush his cantinixation, disregarding the mandatory waiting period
  • For his first miracle, Benedict claimed he had cured a French Nun of Parkinson's disease.
  • Then a few months later, Sister Marie Simon Pierre claimed she woke up and suddenly was healed after praying to John Paul who also had Parkinson's.
  • A group of theologians and doctors and they all agreed it was a miracle because of the intercession and there was no evidence of medicine helping them.
  • His beatification was the fastest in modern times, and he would be honored within his own diocese
  • Finally for his second miracle Floribeth Mora Diaz said after praying to John Paul she was cured, without medical reasoning, of a brain aneurysm when doctors only have her a month to live.

Feast day/Patronage

  • Feast day: October 22
  • It is on this day because it is the day of his papal inauguration
  • He is the patron saint of family
  • He contributed a lot of knowledge and wisdom to the Church's teachings on marriage and family
  • An interesting fact about Pope John is that his catonazation was one of the quickest to happen, when it usually takes five years for someone to become a saint.

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