Two Sides By Sandra

She tried so hard,

Says the perfect, cleaned living room, not a spec of dust you'll find.

Not a rule breaker,

Says her perfect record.

Strong with the Lord,

Says the glass letters perfectly placed on the polished wood.

Yet not always a perfect mother,

Says the ongoing rules made by the parenting books that sat next to her bed.

She tried so hard. Perfection.

He tried so hard,

Says the garage covered from wall to wall with pictures and tools.

A money spender,

Says his eighty inch TV and the line of old cars that overflow the driveway.

Yet all a distraction,

Says his growing age, irregular heartbeat and burning lungs as he remembers the long nights he lay in the hospital.

His anger sometimes takes over,

Says the dent in the wall.

He tried so hard. Distraction.

He tried so hard,

Says the worn pencils and perfect grades.

A smart, quiet, "perfect child",

Says the silence of his mouth and the alertness of his ears.

Yet very secretive,

Says his dark and mysterious room.

Hiding something,

Says his locked phone and searching eyes as he looks up to see who is watching.

He tried so hard. Secrets.

We tried so hard,

Says the happy faces on the family pictures nicely packed in their frame.

Fake happiness and laughs,

Says our minds struggling to keep up with the world.

We tried so hard. But no one is perfect.

There's always a yet.

There's always two sides.

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