Crime scene report


Anna Garcia was 36 years of age and found dead at 10:20 am. Doug called an 911 operator because he suspected something happened to Anna. There was evidence of alcohol and drugs as well as a head wound on her right temple. The four suspects were Alex Garcia, Doug Greene the Ex Boyfriend, Lucy Leffingwell, and Erica Piedmount Doug's new Girlfriend.

Blood Splatter

The blood splatter from the crime scene fell from 74 cm.

it came from a 90 degree angle


The hair was a match to Anna Garcia.

it did not match anyone else


The fingerprint at the Crime scene is from Alex Garcia.

There was reports that Alex was there the night before.


Bruises on elbow and head

Ankles were swollen.


Most of the evidence revolves back to Anna as an accident. But with the little evidence there is we can also conclude that it could be Alex because of her fingerprint and financial problems.


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