The Summer Courses FALKENBERG

Falkenberg has been the host of our intensive acting courses each July since 2009. It's a picturesque little town on the Swedish west cost.

In these 5-day courses we do a deep dive into a profoundly personal process based on the Chubbuck Technique.
We also offer a Masterclass Acting & Singing.
The course hours are 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday.
In the evenings you rehearse, go to the beach or people watch at one of the many street caf├ęs.
If you prefer the calm you can find it very close to the city centre...
..or fifteen minutes away.
Falkenberg is a 3 hour ride with a direct train from Copenhagen Airport.
Accommodation is available at the many local hotels and B&B:s or by Airbnb.
You can rent a bike and go anywhere around the city within ten-fifteen minutes.

This will be the 12th year for the Summer Courses in Falkenberg. Actors, directors and singers come from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Russia, UK and the US to participate.



Har skapats med en bild av Karina Lago - "untitled image"