Steam Alternate powerd vehiCles bY ethan cowley

  1. Solar power
  2. Wind power
  3. Heat energy
  4. Chemical energy
  5. Coal energy
  6. Water energy
  7. Wave energy
  8. Kinetic energy
  9. Eel energy
  10. Atomic energy
  11. Nuclear energy
  12. Light energy
  13. Gas energy
  14. Human waste and food scraps
  15. Jelly fish energy
  16. Battery energy
  17. Chemical energy

Solar power is a renewable power resource that is unlimited and causes no pollution. This is how sunlight is turned into energy. Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into direct current electricity. An inverter turns the direct current electricity into alternating current electricity. The electrical panel sends power to your home appliances. But how is sunlight turned to electricity? Lets find out. Light hitting a silicone semiconductor causes electrons to flow. Silicone is used in solar panels. This current is direct current which then goes into a power converter converting it into an alternate current. Alternate current is used in every day home appliances. This energy can then be used to power motors but for more speed maybe changing this energy into chemical energy powering the batteries. This chemical energy can power motors for the vehicles movement.

This vehicle will feature a solar panel roof and a low design for more speed and air resistance. Since the car may be slow due to low power from solar panels electricity powering the motors. The design would look like this. The clouor would either be White or black. The black colour would absorb heat and attract solar rays making more power available to collect. It will have a air intake at the front to cool down the motors and save the humans or passengers inside from the intense heat because it is black. The solar panels are at the top because that is were the solar rays hit the most. The back can either be used to store batteries for an extended period of time. The solar panels can send energy to these batteries. If you replace the back with seats can fit 5 to 7 people but will be slow and last for a short time.

Question 3.
Question 4. Swot anaylisis
Question 5. Flow chart action plan
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