The Design Process THe recipe to success

Miss, what even is the 'design process'?

THIS... in a nutshell

It is the INVESTIGATING, GENERATING, MANAGING, PRODUCING and EVALUATING process that allow you to reach a final conclusion (Lasslett et al., 2009).

It is your thoughts on paper

Blumenthal, H. (2009). The fat duck cookbook. Bedford Square, London : Bloomsberry Publishing pg. 270


Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes!

Here, you will do some sleuthing around and gather lots of information about your chosen topic. Remember, YOU are teaching ME; so it needs to be purposeful and relevant!

How will investigating help you arrive at your decision?


Organise your ideas

It's time to order your research and make some decisions about what you are going to cook. However, there is a catch... you have to tell me why you made this choice!

Use pros & cons and PMI charts to help you Make Decisions

Be creative with your recipes! What do you think of something like this?

Blumenthal, H. (2009). The fat duck cookbook. Bedford Square, London : Bloomsberry Publishing pg. 162


Write it up!

Write up your workplan for the chosen recipe. Be sure to include Health and Safety considerations.

It is also important that you set aims and goals for yourself when creating your workplan.

Quickly Skim this

It is important that you manage your time. What are your thoughts? Do you think these tips will help you?


It's creating time! Take lots of photos of your cookery processes and final product.

For example...

some inspiration...

What are your thoughts on Heston's creation? What did you find the most interesting? How may you incorporate this into your assignment?


Reflecting Time

It's time you reflect on your WHOLE task. Critically analyse your decisions, cookery skills as well as how the dish tasted and presented.

What went well? How can I improve? How did the dish taste/look/smell?

Don't Be afraid to Talk about what went wrong!

Use sensory vocabulary to describe your dish. The button below will help.

Now it's your turn

You now know how to use the design process! Be sure to come back and have a look if you get stuck.


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