Emily Brent in "And Then There Were None" sarah Church


Proper people give Emily Brent joy because going against tradition should never be done in her opinion, and being proper is the right way to live in her mind.

Good morals gives Emily Brent joy because anyone with good morals has got to be a respectful person. And people that bother to learn how to be proper and learn morals are most good people.

People following Emily Brent's intense interpretation of the Bible gives her hope because seeing people follow her specific morals shows there is still promise in the people in the world.


People getting into the bible gives Emily Brent hope because it shows that some people in the world can still be like her, which is in her mind, the right kind of person.

The Bible itself gives her an outlet, and it convinces her that everything will be okay.

Following the rules gives her hope because following the rules shows a sign of respect and good morals, and she is hopeful when she sees these signs in people.


People taking her advice gives her pride because seeing people thrive off her guidance makes her proud that her beliefs helped someone.

Teaching people lessons gives Emily Brent hope because people that were seeking out her help got what they needed because of her.

Fixing up a person’s morals gives Emily Brent pride because she is making people the way she thinks people should be, and seeing that in the world makes her proud.


People acting against her morals gives her pause because when people act against her morals, they are acting against the way people should be in her opinion

The realization that being an intense believer in the bible doesn’t automatically make you a good person gives her pause because she believes that anyone that believes in the bible is blessed with good morals and that they should be a good person.

Thinking of her maid gives her pause because a small part of her believes that she didn’t do the right thing. Some part of her regrets letting her kill herself.


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