Raheeb little brown boy


When the rich wage war, its the poor who die.

Hi my name is Raheeb. I am a 15 year old living in Toronto. I was born in Queens, New York. My family is originally from a small country called Bangladesh.

When I was seven years old I moved to Canada and I've lived in Toronto ever since. I am very good at being lazy and procrastinating.


The Martian is a Science Fiction Novel. It includes a deserted astronaut on the planet Mars. The book was revered because of its realism and because everything mentioned in the book could actually happen.

The Martian by Andy Weir

My favourite book is The Martian, I really enjoyed the book because ever since I was a child I loved the planet Mars. This book not only was about Mars but also about the survival genre of books that I enjoy reading.



You probably know what Logan is. It is the highest grossing movie out right now. It is honestly the greatest Superhero movie ever.

I am in love with this movie and will probably talk about it all day if anyone gives me the opportunity.


The below pictures are of the greatest artists and bands in the world in my opinion

Batman. a moody and crazy man that dresses up as a bat and punches clowns

Deadpool. A guy that wants to kill Francis

Spiderman (Miles Morales). A kid that gets bitten by a spider and jumps of buildings

Man that get's cool when he get's white hair.



Video Games

I play video games. I am not the most athletic person which has lead to me liking other things which include sitting on my and pressing buttons on a controller (very glamours, I know).

My Favourite Games

For Honor. This is the highest grossing game right now. I "want it" so badly


I really cant play sports, but when I do (almost never), I play basketball. The Raptors are my favourite team. I watch all the games and follow them religiously.



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