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War Of The Spark, a Magic The Gathering™ Expansion, is Soon to be Released!

By Benjamin Levit

Wizards Of The Coast has decided to release a new Magic: The Gathering ™ expansion, named “War Of The Spark”. War Of The Spark releases on May third in gaming stores around the world.

Magic The Gathering is a collectible card game created by Wizards Of The Coast, a gaming company. A new expansion is released about every three months, but War Of The Spark is unique. First, there will be 36 planeswalkers, which is more than usual. Second, there are now uncommon and rare planeswalkers, not just mythic rare planeswalkers. And, as Chris Gleeson puts it, “...each booster pack [of War Of The Spark] will contain a planeswalker…” So every booster pack of War Of The Spark will contain a random planeswalker from the expansion.

This is the information you need to know about the release of War Of The Spark, a Magic: The Gathering™ expansion.

Kiss 108 is Having Their 29th Concert Live and on Stage in a Month.

Article By: Rithika Vutukuri

Kiss 108 is having there 29th concert coming soon. This concert is at the the Xfinity center in Mansfield Massachusetts, and is on Sunday June 16th, at about 4:30pm. This is a concert for people to listen to live music, the Jonas Brothers, Ellie Goulding, Bebe Rexha, Why Don’t We, Ava Max and 5 other artists will be singing some of their most, top famous songs at the concert.

Although, there is a lot of preparation before the concert goes on. And the hardest part of the process in preparing the concert is in fact getting the artists to be able to sing and come to the concert. These famous singers can be really busy everyday and not much time to fit in something else in there schedule. These singers are always on the move by going on tours around the world to sing there songs at other concerts, and with making their own songs and publishing them. Kiss 108 only gets these famous singers once every year, so, every year there are different artists each time.

This concert comes every year, this is an annual tradition that Kiss 108 does, a live concert for people who like listening to music from some famous songs heard all around the world. This concert has been going on for the past 28 years and has had over 285 artists sing there songs at the concert. Kiss 108 is a radio station that is top 40 worldwide and #1 in Boston, so they get to have a live concert each year to show there radio station is a very popular station and is a big deal to listeners of kiss 108. This is one of the only concerts that comes every year, and there is a lot of work put into this concert.

This concert is a way for people to relax and listen to songs that make them feel good inside and a way for people to hear new songs from popular artists that will be coming out soon. As the audience usually says about this concert, “This concert is one of the top 10 best to listen to”.

Celebrating the Start of the Lion King’s 22nd Anniversary on Broadway

Article by Julia Tanin

The Lion King is celebrating it’s twenty - second anniversary on Broadway this year, the second-longest theatrical run on Broadway. The show started in 1997 and has been running since, almost 8, 500 performances in total.

However, lots of thought had to go into making the show the success it is. It took 3 years to develop the Lion King for the stage and was unlike any show that had appeared before. Julie Taymor, the show’s director, blended the elements of various different african styles to make her own. “I take my inspiration as a costume and mask and puppet designer from everywhere.” Taymor explained. Just look at Rafiki’s costume. The makeup is inspired by traditional african face paint and the face of a Mandrill, her animal character. Sambura beading inspired her collar, as well as a mandrills protruding chest. Her skirt is made from fly whisks, a Maasai trait. Her tunic comes from South Africa, specifically a sangoma, a woman healer. The tokens decorating her tunic are healing tools and medicines.

Costumes are also often used to help create a scene. In Grasslands Chant, men with grass on boards protruding from their heads create the savanna. “It’s so rare to have costumes that transcend from being costumes to becoming scenery to becoming architectural elements onstage.” Says Taymor. However, not everything in the Lion King’s set is costumes.

The set itself consists of a floor, a background screen that can be lit up to be the sky and a staircase that twists out of the floor to be pride rock. “It’s a very relatively simple set, but actually it’s an ingenious set in that it’s able to create several environments in this sense that it’s not this tiny box you’re looking at, it’s the vastness of the great african jungle and savanna.”Says John Stefaniuk.

But the reason why audiences love it is because “It’s a tale that every culture, everybody understands”. Everyone who comes in comes out with a sense of understanding. But it’s also because “at the very base of the lion king, there is a fundamental story about responsibility. The whole thing is actually about Simba facing his responsibilities.” And that is the absolute essence of theater, developing a whole story on one theme that speaks to everyone and making it a reality.

The Lion King manages to be its own style and sense, encouraging the audience to come along into its world. And as the audience watches Simba, “they realize they can be part of something too.”

New Season of One Punch Man is Releasing Now

Article by Crystal Zheng

The second season of anime One Punch Man is coming out in April, 2019!

Beginning from April 9th/2019, Season two of One Punch Man is releasing every single week on the internet.

Anime One Punch Man season one is about the main character---Saitama, which is a hero that always defeat his enemy using only one punch. One Punch Man season one talked about how Saitama kept having new enemy and defeat them. Along the way, he met Genos, a 19 years old cyborg who becomes Saitama’s disciple after witness Saitama’s easy victory over a villain which himself struggle fighting with. Season one of One Punch Man had been popular for a period of time, even some of the people who don’t like or never watched anime hat enjoyed it and think it’s a good anime.

So now you can see how One Punch Man had been liked from all different people either is an anime fan or not. Because it is very popular, Season two will hopefully, not going to disappoint us.

Several strategies in Clank! A deck-building adventure game

Article by Banjamin Levit

”Sneak into an angry dragon’s mountain lair to steal precious artifacts. Delve deeper to find more valuable loot. Acquire cards for your deck and watch your thievish abilities grow. Be quick and quiet. One false step- CLANK!- Each careless sound draws the attention of the dragon, and each artifact stolen increases its rage. You can only enjoy your plunder if you make it out of the depths alive!” This is a quote by Renegade Game Studio, the creator of the game Clank! This article is a guide to various strategies game (in the base game only) Clank! a deck-building adventure game and is good to know if you play Clank!

Explanation Paragraphs: there are several different strategies, but his guide will only go over a few. There are three primary bonuses a card can give; boots (move), swords (attack), and skill (the currency used to buy cards).


The first strategy is, according to the experts, one of the best strategies. The strategy is to buy a lot of boots and move in and out of the dungeon as quickly as possible and rush your opponent so that they lose. You can always use this strategy because the card EXPLORE is one of the three cards that you will always have access to. Cards like DEAD RUN are key to this strategy.


However, there is a strategy that beats this, and that is value. The goal is to take the bigger and more valuable objects and beat your opponents with the sheer amount of points you have.. While the strategy is slow, over time it can grow and completely blow you ahead. This strategy is always viable, as the card ANCIENT TOME is always available.


Another strategy is to invest in swords and take out a lot of monsters for huge bonuses, or farm goblins for a lot of gold, which is worth one point at the end of the game. One great payoff for this strategy is THE DUKE, as he can be worth a lot of points by the end of the game. This strategy is also always possible, as MERCENARY is always in stock.


These are just some of the most basic strategies. However, that does not mean that they are bad. There are a lot of other strategies that make the game what it truly is, so maybe one day you will try a different strategy than one listed here.

10 Acting Tips For Beginners

Article by Julia Tanin

Acting can feel like putting on a fake face and pretending to be someone you’re not, but acting is, in fact, more about blending with character into one person. While it may sound tricky, it’s doable. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Take Classes

The best way to get started is to learn the ropes of acting. All the aspects of acting need to come out for you to be able to do one. Taking classes with a professional helps you to grow accustomed to the topic and hopefully will encourage you to reach out even farther. Not only that, but taking classes might gain you some new friends and help you decide whether or not you want to keep pursuing this topic or not.

2) Learn More

Watch movies, read scripts, see plays, anything that will get you more familiar with acting in general. It’s easier to master something if you know how it works first. For example, if you’re having trouble making yourself sound more like your character, watching actors (whether in person or on a screen) will give you a strong example to follow, and hopefully a few memories as well.

3) Get Experience

Try to act in some small roles first. It will help you grow more comfortable in acting on a stage and will help you take that first step to becoming comfortable with acting. Not only that, but you may find a few fun experiences that will encourage you to keep going and maybe a few friends. This is a good stage, especially for someone who just wants to have fun acting.

4) Find the Best Category For You

Sometimes people find it easier to act in horror movies, or maybe you’d do better in action ones. Either way, finding which category you can do best will make it easier for you to act like the part. After all, people tend to like things they’re good at doing better than things they’re terrible at. The same applies to acting categories. Everyone is best at some type of it.

5) Learn from Others

Who better to ask for help than from more experienced actors? They can pass down helpful tricks and knowledge that may help you gain more experience. They can become helpful, fun friends as well! Acting is a better experience with friends, especially friends that can help you or you can help. After all, everyone there is part of the acting community.

6) Try to Take Directions

No one wants to work with a stubborn person. Listen to the director and your fellow actors will like you more for not holding up the show or ruining it. The directors are trying to help you act better, but they can’t do that job if you won’t let them. Listening to directions will give yourself a positive vibe and make the experience more exciting and fun for yourself.

7) Remember the Audience

The entire production, movie, or play is for the audience. It’s important to remember that the audience is there, or is going to be there. You need to angle yourself so that everyone can hear what you’re saying and doing. Often beginners will break character when they turn their backs on the audience, and this is one of the worst possible things to do.

8) Act With Both Voice and Body

Actors will often concentrate on their lines so much only their voice sounds like the character, while their body does little acting. The way you move or act in a production can make a big difference to the audience and not always in a good way. Not enough body acting feels fake and too much does too. You need to think “what would my character do in this situation?” and go from there.

9) Look For Articulation and Volume

The way you speak can also have an impact on your performance. You need to sound like your character. If he or she always rolls their r’s, you have to too. If they’re yelling, then you do too. Articulation and volume play a huge part in acting and are a key to success. Just sounding like your character is a feat worth mentioning.

10) Stage Fright

An actor’s greatest enemy. If you come face to face with this foe, just remember that this is all just for fun. As long as you haven’t neglected to memorize your lines you’re good. And if you didn’t? Just make something up relevant to the story and similar to what you think you should have said, and the audience will never know the difference. Just remember that someday the fear will get better, and you’ll feel wonderful after you’ve finished.

5 Tips About How to Draw Bodies of Manga Girls

Article by Crystal Zheng

Do you want to draw manga girls’ bodies better? Tips and ways are included in here!

Drawing manga/anime should be very precise on the proportions and the shape of different pieces. If you messed one of them up, the whole thing will be not looking right or realistic. But what is tricky is that the proportions are hard to track, and it will always look pretty weird for the beginners. Here are some tips and ways to make them look better, try them on your own drawing!

1) Shapes would help

When you are done with drawing the head, start with drawing an oval underneath the shoulders. It should be nearly a rectangular shape, and about the width of four-sixths of your shoulder, this is the chest.

Then draw a small circle under it, about half of the size of the oval you’ve drawn, this is the waist of the body.

Then draw a bigger oval, not wider than the shoulders, but wider than the small circle on top of it. This is the hip.

2) Drawing “bones”

When you are drawing the pose of the body, you can try to just draw some lines in between the legs, arms, and the whole spine. This can help a lot when you are drawing a pose for beginners.

3) Proportion of the whole body

For the proportions, we can divide the human body into different parts.

A regular girl body should be about six-and-a-half head tall. We can draw a head and then measure how tall it should be.

The head should takes up one sixth of the body, and the feet should take up only one twelfth of the body, the rest are the body and legs.

The legs should take up three heads in the body and the upper body should only takes two.

For the body to look realistic, we will need to divide the body into eight parts after you have measured how tall it should be.

The first part is the head, this should not be the whole head, or else the head will be too small for the body.

The second part is the rest of the head, and the chest. The line that divides the second part and the third part should be the waist, which is the most inward pard.

The third part should be the belly and half of the hip, this is where the upper body connects to the lower body. Be careful with the curvy lines, do not make them too straight!

The part four to eight are the legs, again, make it curve but don’t forget to put the knee in between every two parts (in between the sixth part and the seventh part in case if you get confused by me).

4) Press light/gentle on the paper

When you are drawing, remember to press really gentle on the paper.

Don’t press too much like when you are writing when drawing, this will make your drawing hard to draw when doing the line art.

Plus, when you press too hard, the pencil will be wasted a lot since you don’t actually need that much of a dark color, a light mark would work.

5) Don’t use straight lines

Sometimes when people just started drawing, they will be more used to draw straight lines instead of stiff and straight lines.

But that will make the artwork looks less realistic just because how stiff and straight the lines are.

Try to draw curvy lines while drawing, not just body, but the whole drawing, this can make your drawing looks more realistic.

Don't forget to check out the glossary!

Ariana Grande is Better than Katy Parry, and Here's Why

Article by Rithika Vutukuri

Which side are you on? Ariana Grande or Katy Perry? If you think Ariana Grande is better, I will show you why Katy Perry is better. These are 2 famous artists, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. So there is a big argument on which artist is better. Here are some reasons on why Katy Perry is better than Ariana Grande.

Getting Awards

For the past years of when Katy Perry started singing she has gotten about 116 awards from different people. She is 1 of the only artists who have gotten over 100 awards in a couple of years. She has been nominated for so many awards that it takes forever to count. Her songs have made records for winning a lot of awards. On the other side, we have, Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande may be famous but she has not gotten many awards. Ariana Grande only has 12 awards in total. She has been nominated many times but has not gotten an award from them. Katy Perry has been famous for a very long time unlike Ariana Grande. And they are all by the songs which makes Katy Perry very famous.

2. Making Songs

Songs are the main part of artists becoming famous. Katy Perry has been making songs for a very long time and although Ariana Grande has more songs they have about the same amount in total. They both have 5 albums in total, but, Ariana Grande has more singles than Katy Perry. A single is when a song is released separately from a album. Since Katy Perry has been making songs since 2001 she has gotten knowledge of what people like to listen to. While Ariana Grande started making songs in 2012, not very far back, and is still learning what people are interested in and techniques to making songs. Both artists have there songs to do something with life in a way which is why they are both also famous for there songs. These songs can make artists very famous and popular.

3. Popularity

Katy Perry and Ariana Grande are both popular although Katy Perry is more popular

than Ariana Grande in different ways. Here is one way Katy Perry is more popular. Since Ariana Grande is more newer than Katy Perry and is releasing a lot of songs for people to hear, you would maybe expect for people to listen to the new songs that are coming out, but the old songs you listened to would probably be stuck in your head so you would want to keep listening to those songs and will take time getting used to the new songs. So with that, since Katy Perry had older songs people would want to listen to them more often to keep the song in there head and therefore that makes Katy Perry to still be more popular than Ariana Grande who is still releasing new songs. These three reasons show that Katy Perry is better than Ariana Grande in many different way, By the awards they get, them making music and there popularity. There is a lot more reasons to why Katy Perry is better than Ariana Grande but these are the three most important reasons to why Katy Perry is better than Ariana Grande. And as kids may say “ I think Ariana Grande is better because she seems newer and younger in making songs and seems to have a younger voice,” while grown ups say “I think Katy Perry is better because she has been a artist for a while and has gotten a lot of famous songs over the past couple years”. So the debate will continue to go on for a while of which artist is better, Ariana Grande or Katy Perry.

How did Boku No Hero Academia get so popular?

Ariticle by Crystal Zheng

Boku No Hero Academia is an anime about how a boy named Izuku Midoriya, hero name Deku, became a hero in the “Hero Society”.

In the world of “Hero Society”, almost everyone will have a quirk*. People will get a license for permission to use their quirks, and help the society to beat the villains who also have strong and powerful quirks or just use their power to help people in the society.

Izuku Midoriya, the main character of this anime, is someone who is quirk-less* at first. For a five-year-old boy who dreamed to be a hero and save the world, this is harsh on him. He dreamed about having a powerful quirk and help the world like his idol--All Might, but the truth is, he will not be able to do it. Altho, he still didn’t give up on his dream. He always take notes on every hero he has seen, and then analyzes what they do and how they do. He always think positive things, and he never ever want to give up on his hero dream. When he was about 14-year-old, he has the choice of going to UA* or not. But apparently, a student without a quirk is not someone a hero school would want. He was really depressed for a while, but not too long, until he met someone who changed his life completely--All Might. On the way home one day, Midoriya was caught by a villain and it is trying to take over his body. He was saved by All Might and the villain was captured, and as a fanboy of All Might, he followed All Might and asked him a lot of questions. All Might told him his deepest secrets, including the quirk of his that had never known by the people--One For All, a quirk that can be pass on to other people which the other quirks can’t. And then he went to the test to get in UA, and had his journey went on. From all the things are being said above, you can see how it talk about working hard and never give up. These positive things and scenes showed how hard he tried, will really make you feel like everything is possible, and want to work as hard as Midoriya did. Maybe it will also remind people of how hard they tried on something, or how they tried to accomplish their dream.

In addition, the story have a lot of interesting characters. Like All Might, Shota Aizawa, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou, Tenya Iida, Ochako Uraraka, etc. They all have their own kind of quirk and a special personality, it made the story more and more interesting.

This is a map about where everyone in class 1-A lives.

This is an introduction to Izuku Midoriya, hero name known as Deku.

these are all the important villains that had appeared in the anime
this is a picture of one of the character's quirk, he have a speacial power
and this is an example of the change of the body because of the quirk, he can duplicate his arms and have them extented

Ballet is Better than Hip Hop

And Here's Why

Article by Julia Tanin

Ballet and Hip-Hop are so different. One feels older, more graceful. The other is modern and chunky. But which one is better? Ballet, of course!

Ballet has more history. It originated in the italian renaissance of the 15th century and was elevated by King Louis XIV, who had a particular fondness of it. Ballet became an art that experts did, and has been that way since. Hip Hop, on the other hand, has almost zero history and has yet to show one as rich as Ballet’s.

Ballet can also give more emotion. Lots of famous plays (Swan Lake, Cinderella) have been performed through ballet because the audience can get the emotion of the characters through the motion of the dance. Ballet is rich with every emotion and feeling. It invites the watcher to come along with it to it’s little world. Hip Hop feels more like a rock. It could become a gem (a gem is emotion) But it needs a lot of work to become one.

Not only all this, but more people do ballet. If the public favors ballet over hip hop, maybe people are starting to like turning back to the older ways. After all, you can’t replace the classics.

Ballet is a professional dance, but that doesn't mean beginners can't do it too!


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