March for voting rights March 7th,1965, Selma, Alabama a march for the right to vote.

By:Megan Karim

"Showdown in Selma"

Article #1

The left one is the march. On the right is a stone with the names of who was killed on Bloody Sunday.

It all started on Sunday, March 7, 1965. African Americans decided that the would march for equality with the white people. One of the leaders of the march for the African Americans was John Lewis. There was about 600 African American at the start and about 200 police officers and state troops to try to stop the African Americans. The African Americans planed to march 50 miles from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. The troops and police hurt many people, sprayed them with tear gas, and many were killed. " I was prepared to die on the bridge in Alabama if necessary." said John Lewis As the march went on more people came to protest with the African Americans, both black and white. Five days later the protest went on President Johnson assigned more than 2000 troops to protect the African Americans. Then less than five months later President Johnson sighed the voting rights act as a law. That Sunday is now know as Bloody Sunday.

"Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965"

Article #2

Both are pictures of the march.

The protest for equal rights had been going on for a little while know. 1000 of whites started to come from the north to join the protest. On Saturday there where more blacks then whites. The march started to flood the Edmund Pettus Bridge. On Monday the feral court decided to cut down to only 300 African Americans. Surprisingly even though it was cut down to 300 African Americans they still out numbered the whites.

Compare and contrast

Police attacking African Americans.

These two articles both are about the "Showdown in Selma." Yet only The Showdown in Selma" says that there were 600 plus African Americans and 200 police officers and state troops. On the other hand the article "Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965" says that 1,000 whites came from the North. Both article say that the African Americans planed to march 50 miles. However article #1 says that President Johnson ordered 2,000 state troops to go and protect the African Americans. On the other hand article #2 says that the federal court decided that only 300 African Americans were allowed to march.

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