Saturday, February 2

2:00PM & 7:00PM

Rialto Theater 228 E. Fourth St. Loveland, CO 80537

Mountainfilm on Tour visits Loveland, CO on Saturday, February 2 at the Rialto Theater. Join us for a matinee ($12/ticket) or evening ($16/ticket) showing of inspiring and captivating films handpicked from the Mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado.

The films screened at the matinee are different from those shown in the evening. Don't want to miss a thing?

Founded in 1979, Mountainfilm is one of America’s longest-running film festivals. The annual festival is held every Memorial Day weekend in Telluride. Mountainfilm is a dynamic organization and festival of films, people, art, stories, and ideas that celebrates indomitable spirit, educates and inspires audiences, and motivates individuals and communities to advance solutions for a livable world.

Mountainfilm on Tour in Loveland, CO will feature a collection of culturally rich, adventure-packed and enlightening documentary short films that align with Mountainfilm’s mission to use the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world. A Mountainfilm presenter will guide the audience through the program providing insight on the films, filmmakers and subjects.

Film Schedule

February 2 at 2:00PM

Credit: Intersection: Micayla Gotto

Intersection: Micayla Gatto Directed by: Lacy Kemp - Professional mountain biker and artist Micayla Gatto recreates in her paintings the sweeping vistas of ridgelines she rides on her bike. Both cornering berms and putting paint brush to canvas allow Gatto to achieve that magical flow state where she exists completely and happily in the present moment. Intersection takes us inside the vibrant space where artist and athlete collide, as Gatto pedals through her artwork with a splash of color.

Frontier of Firsts Directed by: Tyler Allyn - True wilderness is hard found in an era of social media and geotagging. These kayakers won’t settle for second descents, and with enough effort and determination, they’re able to find a Frontier of Firsts.

Yojani: A Cuba Skate Story Directed by: Corey McLean - Skateboarding is an anomaly in Havana, Cuba and you have to be creative to find good places to skate. But one skateboarder is using his sport to bring young people together. Yojani is a snapshot of a skater who is creating a family out of the nascent Cuban skating community.

Credit: Surf the Line

Surf the Line Directed by: Jérémy Frey - The Flying Frenchies are back, and this time they are surfing a 2,000-foot highline in the Vercors Mountains of France — hauling ass at 50 miles an hour and laughing hysterically the whole way.

Wolf Call Directed by: Ramey Newell - It’s interesting to consider how much people love dogs and don’t love wolves. A lot of people, at least. Not including John Ramer. Ramer, seemingly a bit of a lone wolf himself, very decidedly does love wolves. And, in this short profile piece, as in the work he has chosen as his life’s purpose, he makes a case for them. Including widely re-introducing them to Colorado where he affirms the habitat for wolves is ideal.

Hayley: 90 Seconds on Fear Directed by: Stian Smestad - “I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.” That’s the mantra of Hayley Ashburn as she walks a 170-foot highline between outcroppings in the wintry Dolomites.

Credit: Imagination: Tom Wallisch

Imagination: Tom Wallisch Directed by: Dave Mossop - From the boredom of the backseat of his parents’ station wagon, a young skier imagines the passing front-yard snow piles and sloping roofs as suburban ski terrain. His daydream suddenly springs to life as freeskier Tom Wallisch flies over Airstreams and garbage cans, and down the steps and rails of Nelson, British Columbia, sparks flying when his skis meet pavement. Imagination is an homage to the late Canadian freeskier J.P. Auclair’s iconic street segment from the film All.I.Can. (Mountainfilm 2011), which proves with a little snow and creativity anything is possible.

Break on Through Directed by: Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen, Matty Hong - In the world of climbing, the 5.15 grade is a rarefied realm reserved for only the strongest and most precise sport climbers. Most never achieve it, legends like Alex Honnold won’t go near it and for women, it’s long been out of reach. Until now. Meet Margo Hayes. This petite former-gymnast surprised the world in 2017 when she tackled Spain’s La Rambla — a brutal 5.15 that features giant moves, tiny crimpers and a small chance of success — and sent it, shattering the glass ceiling. Instead of resting on her laurels though, this driven climber immediately set her sights on an even bigger objective.

A New View of the Moon Directed by: Wylie Overstreet - Wylie Overstreet was hanging out in his L.A. apartment one night and, out of boredom, decided to take his high-powered telescope out to the street to peer at the moon. Pretty soon people began wandering up and asking him what he was up to. When he showed them, they nearly fell over in awe. A New View of the Moon is just the reminder we need to keep looking up. Because as Galileo said, back in 1610, “it’s a beautiful and wondrous sight to behold the body of the moon.”

Credit: 10 Year Old Kai Jones' Mind-Blowing Season Edit

10 Year Old Kai Jones' Mind-Blowing Season Edit - Kai Jones is a 10-year-old who’s already making a name for himself as a big mountain skier. Kai takes on the legendary Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole, dubbed “America’s scariest ski slope.”

February 2 at 7:00PM

Cash Bar Available

Cocktails available for purchase courtesy of Door 222.

Credit: Felix

Felix Directed by: Allison Otto - Twice a month for the last 40 years, Felix Belmont has hosted a radio show on KVNF in the small town of Paonia, Colorado, spinning big band music of the ‘30s and ‘40s. Today, at 99 years old, he is believed to be the world’s oldest public radio host. In this endearing short film, Belmont shares the ingredients to life well-lived: a great love affair, a rich relationship with music and just the right amount of top-shelf scotch.

The Frenchy Directed by: Michelle Smith - Jaques Houot, 82, may just have found the fountain of youth. The Carbondale, Colorado-based French ski racer, downhill mountain biker, road cyclist and incorrigible flirt is the embodiment of joi de vivre. Houot has survived some two dozen close calls, including avalanches, cancer, car accidents, a heart attack and even attempted murder. As a survivor, he explains, he tries to enjoy every day he has, ripping through his mountains with his signature catchphrase, “No problem!” “When you laugh, you add one extra hour on your life. I’m going to die very old, because I love to laugh,” he says.

Credit: Why Now Now: Vivian Stancil

Why Not Now: Vivian Stancil Directed by: Riley Hooper - Blind and afraid of water, Vivian Stancil learned to swim at 48. “I heard that blind people can’t swim,” Stancil says, followed by: “Oh, yes they can!” Two hundred and twenty-one medals later, at half her former body weight, Stencil is still at it.

Life Coach Directed by: Renan Ozturk, Taylor Rees - Climber and filmmaker Renan Ozturk makes the pilgrimage to the toothy and harsh landscape of Alaska’s Ruth Glacier every year. This time around, he and fellow climber Alex Honnold have their sights set on a beautiful route up Mount Dickey. But the weather is horrendous. So instead, they end up sitting in tents talking about their feelings. What unfolds is not your typical climbing film, but rather a touching examination into life’s big questions.

Credit: The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack Directed by: Nick Waggoner, Zac Ramras - High in the San Juan Mountains above Silverton, Colorado, a pack of runners roams, jogging through meadows, hiking over mineral-stained peaks, ducking through forests and exploring the rugged landscape of their backyard. It’s the Braford-Lefebvre family — mom, dad and three kids — who have used running both as a healing mechanism and a tool to help them experience life together. The Wolf Pack chronicles a family raised the right way — on fresh air, high peaks and the wonder of the outdoors.

Drop Everything: Michelle Parker Segment  Directed by: Scott Gaffney - Fast, fearless, steep and deep. That about sums up Michelle Parker as she carves graceful lines into the spines of Alaska.

Return from Desolation Directed by: Justin Clifton - Garrett Eaton just doesn’t fit into a box. Which makes him a great subject for a short film. Especially for a filmmaker like Justin Clifton, who has a natural empathy for everyday heroes like Garrett and who knows how to let people — and places — tell their stories through his lens. The result: In the space of mere minutes we get to not only meet a man worth knowing but to become fully vested in his rich story.

Ride of the Dead Directed by: Michael Parenteau - In Mexico, November 2 marks Día de los Muertos, a day to honor the dead with festive shrines, offerings of flowers and parades. And while many in Oaxaca flock to cemeteries to spend time with those who have passed, another Día de los Muertos event takes place in the ancient trails that snake through the Oaxacan highlands above. The Trans Sierra Norte is a multi-day enduro mountain bike race that rips through dense woods, burly singletrack and tiny villages, with bikers finishing in Oaxaca City right about the time the fireworks are blasting off.

Craig's Reaction Directed by: Cameron Maier - In 2002, Craig DeMartino was climbing with a friend in Rocky Mountain National Park when a terrible miscommunication occurred; DeMartino fell nearly 100 feet onto the rocks below. He survived, but his injuries were devastating — ruptured lung, fractured spine, pulverized feet, among others — and the accident forever altered his life. He could have retreated into his injuries and given up on climbing. Instead, DeMartino, who had one leg amputated under the knee, got back into his harness. Today, he has climbed grades as hard as 5.12, led an all-disabled ascent of El Capitan and introduced scores of fellow disabled athletes to the joy of climbing.

Credit: Rogue Elements: Corbet's Couloir Segment

Rogue Elements: Corbet’s Couloir Segment Directed by: Todd Jones, Steve Jones - A right of passage for any Jackson Hole skier, Corbet’s Couloir is conquered here not on two planks, but two wheels.

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