Creativity in any subject 2022 Professional Learning series for Victorian government teachers

The Victorian Department of Education and Training have provided Adobe applications for their Secondary students and teachers as well as a limited provision for Primary schools. Register for any of the following free and online professional learning events managed by Dr Tim Kitchen and the Adobe Education team to help you learn more about what is possible in any curriculum areas.

Any Primary school requesting access to the Adobe Creative Cloud applications can email digital.learning@education.vic.gov.au for more information.

Search the Adobe section of the Vic gov Arc site for more information about Adobe events for Vic government teachers and students.

Note that all sessions aim to be hands-on workshops that will run from 4 PM to 5.30 PM. There will be the option of a beginners workshop as well as a workshop for those who are already experienced users. Each session will be managed by Dr Tim Kitchen and Steve Nichols from Adobe.

Session options

Term 1

  • Tue Feb 8 - Adobe Spark Post for quick content creation – info graphics
  • Wed March 2 - Adobe Spark Video for quick content creation – video stories

Term 2

  • Tue May 3 - Adobe Spark Page for quick content creation (online publications)
  • Tue June 7 - Simple video editing with Adobe Premiere Rush

Term 3

  • Wed July 13 - Photoshop tips for teachers
  • Thurs Aug 4 - Bringing your presentations to life with Adobe Character Animator
  • Tue Sept 6 - Mobile app designs with Adobe XD

Term 4

  • Tue Oct 11 - Going paperless with Adobe Acrobat
  • Thurs Nov 24 - Desktop publishing with Adobe InDesign

During these events, we will be encouraging teachers to join the new free Adobe Creative Educator program for educators in every subject area and level. To recognise professional development, participants will earn badges for completing each level of the Adobe Creative Educator program.

We encourage you to enroll in this program in advance or during the webinar series.

Contact the Adobe in Education Team

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Other PL opportunities from Adobe

Be inspired by Primary, Secondary and Higher Ed teachers who are passionate about the use of Adobe's vast array of applications to help enhance digital literacy and creativity in the teaching and learning process. Each session offers workshop options for those who are new to the world of Adobe tools as well as those who are experienced users.

Every second Wednesday evening (during the school terms), the Australasian Adobe in Education team run a live event for all teachers called Inject Creativity Live on the Adobe for Education YouTube channel.

Professional learning done differently. Join us live!

For students & teachers

Adobe Creativity Challenges

We are running an Adobe Creativity Challenge event each term throughout 2022. These are for student in Years 5 to 9 and involved working in a teach to create a digital solution to a problem. Click here to see the one we are doing in November 2021.

Planned future challenge dates for NSW are:

  • Term 1 - Feb 23-29
  • Term 2 - May 4-11
  • Term 3 - July 20-27
  • Term 4 - Nov 9-16

Holiday - Premiere Pro Video Workshop

Win an iPad

This is a free 2.5-day online workshop by Adobe during the April 2022 school holidays for Victorian & NSW students (Year 9 - 12) and teachers who are keen to develop their video editing skills with Adobe Premiere Pro and potentially win an iPad.

Created By
Tim Kitchen