What if Derrick Rose never got injured? By Andrew Rodriguez


  • What if Derrick never got injured
  • What would he have won
  • How good he would have been
  • Why he was the best


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Written Report

My topic was what would have happened if Derrick Rose never got injured. I choose this topic for a couple different reasons. First basketball is my favorite sport to play and watch. I live in Chicago and so it was the norm that I would be a bulls fan. Both my parents loved the bulls from the 90s and loved watching Michael. So as I was growing up the bulls weren't very good until a man by the name of Derrick Rose came to the bulls. First was his story and how he came out of Englewood and now is playing for a NBA team for his home town. Derrick Rose was my favorite player in the NBA and still is to this day. He was so fun to watch and Stacy King and Neil Funk are the best announcers around. After watching him become the youngest MVP in league history and bringing his team to the number one seat. I was happy to be a bulls fan. Then the worst thing happened and he tore his ACL and he would soon never be the same. I was extremely upset and just disappointed.

In my survey I asked a series of questions that had to do with Derrick and his career. My questions were what ifs. They had to do with if he never got injured would he have one more mvps or how many championships he would have one. The most important where he would be ranked with the best players of all time. My results were very different some people had Derrick Rose being one of the best of all time. Some had home being a good player and some had him being an absolute bum. So I think there will always be believers like me that he could have been the best and there will be haters who think he is a fragile loser and never would have won anything.

My findings were that Derrick Rose will be viewed as a very controversial player. Some people love him to this day and feel bad for him. Then others think that he is a loser and was a weak player. It will always be a debate but the thing that I will always say. Is that he could have been one of the best players of all time. Some will say that he was never anything.

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"You have one job. And that's to get better." - Derrick Rose

Created By
Andrew Rodriguez

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