Florida Musuem of Natural History Alexa Signori

My favorite exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History was the fossils one featuring sharks. I did not really realize how big sharks are or how many kinds there were. It was really cool to be able to stand in front of one's mouth and see their teeth up close. If this exhibit was set up a different way, I would not have gotten to see a shark so up close. This exhibit made me think about how the oceans take up so much of the planet's surfaces and there are so many sea animals we know about, yet there are even more that we have not discovered. I am also fascinated by the beach and different sea creatures, so of course this was one of my favorite exhibits.

The exhibit on turtles and coast lines definitely embodies Leopold's ideas as it showed us the importance of keeping our beaches clean to protect the many helpless animals that live on the beach and in the ocean and also the swamps and marshes that are ecosystems. I felt like this museum was very good at making the exhibits entertaining for kids and adults, but it also conveyed a lot of important information and made me want to see all these animals in real life. In order to do that, we have to protect them. I felt like I wanted to help do that. Kids really liked the frog exhibit, and a lot of elderly people tried to get the perfect shot in the butterfly garden. We connected with nature by participating in interactive exhibits and of course wondering through the butterfly garden. I could not help but feel happy to be surrounded by beautiful ,delicate, fluttering, butterflies. This experience did instill in me a want to help preserve nature. At home, I walk by the beach everyday. On late summer nights, I watch turtles lay their eggs. In the springtime, I watch manatee families swim by my dock. I have always grown up with nature, and I try to do my part to protect it.

At the museum, we got to get up close with the natural world in the butterfly garden. Here we were able to create memories with these magical beings who live a brief but carefree life. They are beautiful and we wanted them to land on us, but they went where they pleased. In the butterfly garden, I realized how fragile certain organisms are when I saw a fallen butterfly stuck in the walkway. As humans, we have the power to hurt or help other life forms. We often forget that our actions affect not just the human race, and there are so many different animals out there. We are just little specks on this planet.


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