Deconstructing a Disposable Camera By TYLER DVORAK


The Casing or body of the camera protects the parts of the camera and holds it together.

The black box on the left is the shutter. It's a sealed bow that doesn't allow light into it so film isn't exposed to light until a picture is taken


This is a camera lens. It directs beams of light bouncing off an object so the come together and form the image. Lenses slow light down.

Camera Film

The top left item is the camera film. When a picture is taken, the light reflected off the object comes through the lens and strikes the emulsion, which records the photo. The shutter makes sure no light gets to the film before the photo is taken. Film has many layers which are different color sensative.

Flash Circuit

Many places arnt lit up well enough to get a good photo so flash will illuminate the surrounding for a second while the shutter opens and a photo is taken.

Gas discharge Tube

The Flash has a gas discharge tube. This is a tube filled with Xenon gas. It has electrodes. It makes the flash by making the atoms go.

Created By
Tyler Dvorak


Created with images by nayukim - "Camera lens and aperture" • steve_lodefink - "map backlighting board"

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