Life of Phish Chapter 80 by Meagan Kevin and Max

of all dorados

a special dorado

in a storm of flying fish

i was trying to catch one

without much luck

the dorado hit the gunnel


i reached for that dorado

pulled it aboard

what a catch! what a catch!

richard parker turned his head

his mouth half open

i looked him dead in the eyes

in a moment of insanity brought on by hunger

suddenly his brute strength only moral weakness

a boy and a tiger

a terrific battle of the mind for status and authority

he turned away

i had won

what a catch! what a catch!


Created with images by laszlo-photo - "Jacks of Gold" • Hardrockster - "fish feeding sea" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "wave spray foam" • cheetah100 - "Tiger"

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