The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt a sparkstory by holly busko

The Spatial Experience - Before this play, I actually did not realize that there was a theater in the Reitz Union, so it was a pleasant surprise. When I entered the theater, it was very pleasing to the eye and was very organized and clean. I had a decent seat that was near the middle of the theater. When the lights dimmed, I was intrigued to see what the play would be like. The auditorium size was perfect; large but small enough that I didn't feel part of a huge crowd. Place is important to the good life because if you don't enjoy where you are, you won't be happy. - The Social Experience - I attended the performance with my friend Leah and her friend Kate, who I had never met before. As a result, I met someone who I would not have met had I not attended this play. To prepare for this performance I read the information online and also read through the program while I was sitting in the theater. Attending with friends improved my performance because I had someone to socialize with before and after the play. I also was able to talk to them about what I thought of the play during the intermission and after the play. I believe that social connections are central to the good life, and if you do not have strong connections with friends and family then you cannot achieve the good life.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience - The time and place of this story is very different from the conditions that I live in now. One of the central issues discussed in the play is factory working conditions during this time. I have studied the american industrial revolution to an extent, but I have never learned about Canada. The performance was eye opening because I had never learned about this part of history before, and it was interesting to compare this to the conditions that I live in now.
The Emotional Experience - The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt is a sad play. This play provides us an opportunity for katharsis because we let our emotions out while watching the play and feel better afterwards. It is the same principle as crying; when we cry we feel better afterwards because we feel as though we are getting rid of the bad emotions. We also use this play as a chance to recognize the evils of human nature, and to recognize the bad things we have done in our past so that we don't repeat them in the future.

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