Sports in Ancient Egypt By: Isabella

Ancient Egypt had many sports that we practice now that made their culture unique. The ancient Egyptians enjoyed lots of different sports. Some sports they did were wrestling, weight lifting long jump, swimming, rowing, shooting, fishing, athletics, archery, leapfrog, soccer, handball, baseball, gymnastics, boxing, swimming, tug of war, hockey, marathons, and other ball games.


Ancient Egyptian sports included multiple team sports which we do now. The ancient Egyptians worked very hard, but saved time to enjoy family, friends, music, parties, children, and especially sports. Ancient Egypt gave high importance to sports.

Like today, sports in ancient Egypt required teamwork, strength, and sportsmanship to learn how to get along. The Kings, princes, and statesmen were always interested in attending sports competitions and it was an important part of their social life which Pharaoh and his men had enjoyed.

When someone won they would be awarded with different collars.

Winners and losers were both rewarded with money and congratulations. They would also get special large collars known as usekh. The winner was congratulated for superiority and the loser for his sportsmanship.

Top left: marathons

Top right: hockey

Bottom: long jump

For hockey they play similar to our present-day hockey. They used bats and the ball was made of compressed papyrus fibers covered with 2 pieces of leather in the shape of semicircle. The ball had 1 or more colors on it. High jump was a 2 players game where players sat opposite from each other with legs stretched with 1 player’s feet on top of the toes of the other. If the 3rd jumped over the barrier, then the 2 sitting players placed their palms on top their feet to heighten the barrier. They also ran marathons when they were celebrating the assumption of the power of new kings. Marathons were played the same way they are played now. Ancient Egypt had boats for traveling, fishing, and sports. Rowing was a team sport to get exercise and compete. Rowing is no different from today.

Today's sports model closely after those of ancient Egyptian sports. Running, hockey, archery, soccer, and many more were all part of ancient Egypt's social and cultural life just as they are for us today.

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