Assef The Villain By: melissa montes (7th period)

A story is nothing without a conflict. In the book "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini has a conflict that is caused by Assef the Villian. Hosseini uses this recurring character in the novel to add tension. To add tension in the novel Assef does horrible things that us the readers never saw coming.

At the beginning of the novel Assef starts to bully Amir and Hassan. Assef says rude stuff to the boys. "I looked in his crazy eyes and saw that he meant to hurt me!" (41)By saying this quote it means that Assef really wants to beat Amir up. "This isn't the end of you either, Amir. Someday, I'll make you face me one on one." (43)Assef is tired of Amir and wants to fight him. In conclusion Assef really doesn't like Amir and Hassan.

In the middle of the novel something horrible happens to Hassan. Hassan gets rapped by Assef. "He unzipped his jeans, Dropped his underwear then positioned himself behind himself." (75) By saying this quote it shows the horrible thing that happened to Hassan. Hassan didn't stop Assed either. "Hassan didn't struggle, didn't even whimper." (75) Hassan just let Assef do what he was doing. In conclusion Hassan lets Assef do something horrible to him.

At the end of the novel Assef starts beating Amir up. Like It was saying in the beginning of the novel how Assef wanted to beat Amir up, he finally does. " his free hand was locked around my throat.." (289)

This quote shows details on him beating him up. For some reason Amir didn't care , he was laughing. "My body was broken- just how badly I wouldn't find out until later- but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed." (289) he felt healed when Assef was beating him up and he laughed. Therefor, Assef finally beats Amir as he wished.

Finally I'm conclusion of the story, throughout the story throughout the novel Assef does horrible things which builds tension


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