The Great Pacific Garbage Patch By Tom Borg 7E



What did I do well?

I think the design of my newspaper article and my visual advertisement were done to a high standard. My visual is really persuasive and gets the message across, and the newspaper front cover looks good but is still organised well and easy to follow.

My text was also done very well and I feel like I have used lots of persuasive devices and included lots of great information.

What would I do differently if I had the task to do again?

If I had to do the task again I would probably make a different text type- maybe a letter to the editor. I would do this to explore more text types as I already knew what a newspaper article looks like and how it is set out, but my end product was still done to a high standard.

I would also include my opinion/bias a bit more. I have stated what I believe (I disagree with the garbage patch!) but it just hasn’t been included too much.

What help did I need?

The only real help that I needed was with Adobe Photoshop. At first it was quite difficult as it was a new program that I had never used before, but Mr Barnard came in and showed us a tutorial and now I can use it quite easily.

The main thing about the art of persuasion that I have learned from this task is:

The main thing I learnt from this task was annotation. Before this task I didn’t know what annotation was, how to annotate or what persuasive devices you need to point out in an annotation.


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Thank You


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