My Brand Who Am I?

About Me:

My name is Carolyn Davis. I am a Junior Strategic Communications major at Liberty University and I am from Durham, NC. I played violin for 13 years and love music but now I am focusing on my passion for photography, graphic design, and marketing. My dream job is to do photojournalism overseas for missions. I love exploring, going on road trips, taking way too many pictures and drinking way too much coffee.

Never Stop Chasing Light

SWOT Analysis:


  • Adaptability: I am a "go with the flow" person and can usually quickly adapt to changing situations without it throwing me off too much.
  • Empathy: I understand and share the feelings of other people.
  • Task Oriented: I like finishing a job or task that I am given as fast as possible. I am a box checker
  • Practical Creativity: I love being creative in a structured, logical way.


  • People Pleaser: Because I am adaptable, I sometimes say yes to too many people when they ask me to do things.
  • Hate Change: Though I am adaptable with little changes, big changes often make me sad. (i.e. when a friend moves away, etc.)


  • Adaptability: I would work best at a place that is fast moving, and sometimes unpredictable
  • Empathy: This will give me the opportunity and benefit of being able to read people's moods and react and help them according to how they are feeling at the moment.
  • Task Oriented: This will be helpful wherever I work. My bosses will know that if they give me a task I will strive to get it done as quickly as possible.
  • Practical Creativity: This will give me the opportunity in the Marketing field to be able to think "out of the box," but also combine that creativity with strategy and logic.


  • People Pleaser: I should learn how and when to stand firm and say no to someone because saying yes to too many people or opportunities will eventually wear me out.
  • Hate Change: This weakness is a threat because I need to learn to be okay with the big changes, whether in life or in a job., and not be dragged down by sadness when someone leaves or some other major adjustment is made.

Implications of my brand

If I were to do marketing or photojournalism overseas in a missions context these would be the implications of my brand:

  • My adaptability would help me to be calm in the ever changing nature of different cultures and countries. And hopefully this calm will spread to the people around me and then I will have the opportunity to share how Christ gives us peace.
  • The ability to empathize will be beneficial as I build relationships and share the gospel with unreached people.
  • Because I am task-oriented I can finish what I need to for whoever I am working for, whether a marketing agency or someone else, without wasting time, because time is valuable
  • My practical creativity will allow me to strategically figure out how to best reach those around me with my photography and writing.
  • Since I'm a people pleaser, I will need to learn how to set better boundaries with those around me and when to say no.
  • As an introvert, I recharge by being alone but I might not always get alone time during the day so I will need to learn how to cope with long days being potentially surrounded by lots of people.


My hope is that no matter what God leads me to do in the future, I will utilize my strengths and work on my weaknesses so that I can best glorify Him in my career.

the end.

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