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The Grumeti Fund Anti-poaching and Law Enforcement Department has a complement of 100 dedicated game scouts. Stationed across the 350,000 acre reserve - at camps or in Observation Posts, as a free-ranging Mobile Patrol Unit or as part of the Special Operations Group - these scouts are responsible for protecting the fauna and flora that has rebounded over the past 15 years in this critical area of the western Serengeti.

Kabichi Suma is a Senior Regional Leader with the Special Operations Group. This group is comprised of the most elite scouts, working to eliminate poaching before it takes place.

Scouts undergo continuous training to maintain high standards of efficiency and safety. This includes following a strict fitness schedule, weapons training, self-defense courses, trauma medical training, radio and communication protocol and for the elite scouts, specialized training for the use of high-tech equipment like night vision.

It costs $1,000,000 annually to keep the Grumeti Fund’s Anti-Poaching and Law Enforcement Department operational. For example, uniforms alone cost $25,000. Your contribution, of any amount, will be used in its entirety to properly equip, train and empower this dedicated anti-poaching and law enforcement team

The covert Mobile Patrol Unit deploys anywhere in the protected area, working to intercept any illegal activity.

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