Winter Wonderland By: Nicole Kortan, Devyn Triebenabach, Brandon Nathe, and Ethan Beste

During Winter Wonderland we will have various activities going on. They include a snow cone eating contest, ice fishing contest, snowman building contest, two-way petting zoo, and also an ice carving competition.
The first activity is a snow cone eating contest. The first 10 people to sign up will be able to participate in this competition. You will be given numerous snow cones and whoever can eat the most snow cones in 3 minutes will win $150!
The next activity is an ice fishing contest. During this contest you will be given 3 hours to fish. At the end of the time allowed you must come in and we will weigh your fish. Whoever has the most total fish weight will win $5,000!
The third activity is a snowman building contest. During this contest you will be in teams of four. You will be given four hours to build your snowman. When four hours is up we will measure your snowman, and whoever has the tallest will win free lunch for a year!
Our next activity is a two-way petting zoo. You will pay $1.00 for two caresses. You can also take an animal home (with parental permission) for $150.00. There will be absolutely no refunds!
The final competition is a cookie baking contest. During this contest you will be given one hour to make two dozen cookies. There will be three judges that will come around and taste your cookies. Whoever has the best cookies will win one week off of school.
The following Winter Wonderland activities will take place on February 7th-11th. We hope to see you there!


Created with images by August Brill - "The Winter Garden II" • lkaestner - "Snow Coat" • 220gal220 - "Feature-Sno-Cone-Extras" • - "Ice fishing in Finland" • spjwebster - "Giant snowman" • alinpera0 - "monkey pet zoo" • David Leggett - "Cookies" • jpeter2 - "winter nature bud"

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