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"The Arabian horse is one who gallops with hiS lUngs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with character." -Tara moore

The Majestic Arab

Male and Female Arabian Horses

Male and Female Arabians

Male Arabians

Male Arabians are usually over 14 hands high, and can reach 1,000 lbs. They are very easy to ride, and are great for kids. Some say that male Arabians typically have skinnier legs than female, and will weigh less. Speed and endurance is the game with this breed. Male Arabian horses can run in competition almost as fast as any Thoroughbred on the racetrack.

Male Arabian

Female Arabians

Female Arabian horses are beautiful, elegant, and are beloved to thousands of people. They stand apart from males by usually weighing more, due to pregnancy, and are commonly used as dressage horses. Due to their culture, Female ( and male) Arabians also provide spectacle in native Arabian costume classes.

Arabian dressage record breaker

Place of Origin

The Arabian horse originated in Saudi Arabia ( hints the name Arabian)


The Arabian horse dates back to 3000 BC. Most experts believe the the Arab originates in the vicinity of the Arabian Peninsula. Bedouin Tribes trace their common history with the Arab's by keeping various records/ pedigrees of them. The Bedus people used the horses for "beast-of-burden", and war mounts. Even now, native people of Arabia show their special horses, and still dress them in their native attire.

Arabian horse attire

Markings and Features

Arabian horses have a noticeable dished face, and high-set tail. The color of their fur/skin can vary from roan, bay, black, grey, and every solid color. Most Arab's have socks on their feet, and only grow up to 15 hands. Arabians can have all manner of white facial markings, and they have short muzzles. They are one of the smallest horse breeds, but obviously one of the most majestic.

Arabian Horse


Arabians are known for their unique look, and various skills. The Arabian's coat varies different colors, and markings. You can find a black to a light colored Arabian. Personally, I prefer the elegant, buckskin colored Arabians. Usually, they will have at least one sock on their foot, and one face marking. Their arched neck, and low back give them a distinctive look that looks beautiful with any colored skin/coat. They are very sweet, calm, gentle, and are very easy to train and handle. That is why it is very easy to train your Arabian to do versions tasks, tricks, and more.

Arabian Foal

Average Size

Arabians are one of the smallest, but oldest horse breeds. Standing to only a little over 14.2 hands heigh, this horse is great for small kids and any age. On average, they will weigh between 800 and 1000 lbs. It is debatable whether the height, and size of the Arabian affects it's sport level, but many think the concept doesn't apply to their performance at all.

"The Influence of Racing and the Thoroughbred Horse on Light Horse Breeding," " . . . balance is of more importance than mere height, a fact it is as well to bear in mind." - William Scarth Dixon

Arabian Horse Association

Comprised of over 26,000 youth and adults, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) strives to serve those who love, and are passionate for the Arabian breed. The AHA provides various riding activities, competitions, and much more with your Arabian. T.A.I.L is a program provided by AHA to teach children of all ages the importance of the Arabian horse, and the proper way to ride one. AHA also promotes an equine care, and welfare program for your Arab. You can contact AHA at (303) 696-4500.

Arabian Horses

Interesting Info

Believed to be the most famous Arabian, Marengo, was a war horse ridden by Napoleon Bonaparte. Bought in Egypt in 1799, Marengo was brought to France when Napoleon was the French Army Leader. Marengo was named after the battle of Marengo when Napoleon's army conquered northern Italy. After over 15 years of service, Marengo carried Napoleon for the last time at the Battle of Waterloo.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Marengo

Breed Purpose

Jumping Competiotions

Speed and beauty is the name of the game for an Arabian horse. Arabians commonly compete in dressage, jumping, barrel racing, trail, and endurance competitions. They have awesome endurance skills, and can beat out most of the other horse breeds. You can also enter an Arabian in cart competitions, where your horse pulls you in a cart/wagon. Best of all, Arabs are great horses for beginner riders. They are usually very calm, aware, and gentle.

The Arabian

Overall, the Arabian horse is a talented, and sweet breed that is recommended to people of all ages!

The Arabian HoRse!

By: Kate Mason


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