William Shakespeare Joseph Thompson

Early Family Life

Shakespeare was born the third child of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. He had two older sisters, Joan and Judith, and three younger brothers, Gilbert, Richard, and Edmund.

Late Family Life

William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway on November 28, 1582. At the time, Shakespeare was 18 and Hathaway was 26 (and also pregnant). Their firstborn child was a daughter named Susanna. Later, Anne gave birth to twins Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet sadly passed away at the age of 11 due to unknown causes.

Shakespeare's Work

A few of Shakespeare's most famous works include Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and The Tempest. The plots of many Shakespeare plays are used in movies today, such as in the movie The Lion King the plot is similar to Hamlet. Also West Side Story shares a plot with Romeo and Juliet.


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