OptiFer® solves problems many problems inherent with iron therapy

Reliable therapy

Building up adequate normal iron storage is a process that takes time, just as iron depletion doesn’t happen overnight. Iron balance is about what’s coming in through food and what is lost normally by the body.

Placebo-level tolerance

Minimal side-effects

What is not taken up is completely inert in the gastrointestinal channel as opposed to not absorbed free iron ions from nonheme iron, which are reactive and strongly irritating.

In clinical studies heme-iron therapy usually has placebo-level tolerance.

No failed therapies

There are considerably less potentially therapy-ruining side-effects. This is a major problem when it comes to non-heme iron supplements. It is very common that side effects force the therapy to be terminated and something else tried.

The last alternative when nothing else works is very expensive and inconvenient intravenously given iron since iron is absolutely vital to life.

Natural and gentle

No change in efficacy or tolerance over time

Heme-iron therapy can build up adequate iron storage in a natural and gentle fashion.

There is no change in tolerability or efficacy over longer time.

With non-heme supplements side-effects are usually, even after initial good tolerance, slowly accumulating until the therapy has to be discontinued.

No danger of overdosing or poisoning

Using heme iron very little is wasted. No cases ever reported of serious side effects or poisonings in Scandinavia since decades of large-scale use.

With heme iron overdosing is not an issue.

A mild and steady therapy

Works for everybody, in any clinical situation

Heme iron is taken up along the whole of the gastric passage, not just in the duodenum.

Patients with gastric surgery find it many times impossible to absorb (non-heme) iron. Heme iron works in this case also.

For chronic use a mild and steady therapy is always better.

Facts of heme iron therapy easily available and make sense

Medical literature has a lot to say about heme iron and why it’s more efficient and better tolerated.

MediTec FerroCare Division offers information on heme iron therapy at www.optifer.international and www.hemeiron.com as well as for instance in the eBook “Heme Iron”.

One or two tablets per day, at any time

Easiest possible dosage

One or two tablets at a single administration per day steals no working time. It is also convenient in other ways. There are no special precautions over simultaneously ingested food, drink or medicine.

No synthesized ingredients

The heme iron in OptiFer® comes from natural sources. All OptiFer® products contain original heme iron. This is the natural way for the human body to absorb iron, Heme Iron in the diet has always been the most important source.

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