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Created by Nicole Cambria

Sol Control is a mindfulness meditation app

Used by

meditation practitioners

Design thinking was implemented in all aspects of the research— quantitative data from surveys and qualitative data from interviews, focus groups and task walkthroughs. This meant research participants discussed their needs and challenges pertaining to the subject. Through the discussions, it was translated by Nicole, the creator of Sol Control, into functional design solutions.

Solutions include

Involving the participants during the process exemplifies how Sol Control has manifested into a product that has positive and lasting impacts on its users’ mindfulness meditation success.

Sol Control is not your typical meditation app.

Augmented reality,

biometric data

and projection mapping

are used to enhance the meditation experience.

Sol Control adds unique value to the health and wellness sector by creating a solution to the lack of space in homes for a mindfulness meditation practice.

Meditation customization ranges from colors, landscapes, guided meditations, nature sounds, hertz frequencies, and preferred voice.

The user scans the physical space with their phone camera, transforming it into a practice space.

The augmented reality scanning technology is able to map out and display the projection preview.

Biometric data is collected though a users 'Smart Watch' during the mediation. The projected images respond to the user as they get deeper into their meditation.

The user sits facing the projection on the wall. Data collected from their Apple Watch is responsive to the user during their mediation. In the beginning of their practice, the sun beings to rise. As the user gets deeper into their practice, the projection responds and the sun is full risen.

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Meet Nicole

Nicole is an Interaction Designer passionate about creating ethical and sustainable design. Her strong suits are user research, empathy and design thinking. In her free time she loves hiking, gardening, yoga and studying herbalism.

"Technology can truly be a tool to cultivate a more mindful future." - Nicole Cambria