Alarm clock/radio Dissasembly

Plastic Caseing

The caseing keeps everything safe inside,holds everything in place also makes the clock/radio look nice on the outside

The Main Circut Board connects most of the wires and battery to each other to work right,also it contains multiple valuble medals such as gold and silver as well as copper in the wires that connects parts of the radio/clock

Electrical Energy is stored in this battery

The Battery saves energy also gives off energy to other parts of the camera such as the lights,also it came in a case of brass which can be consitered a valueble medal with copper in the wires.


The Screws keep the casting together also hold some of the circut boards inside secured along with some parts of the clock/radio

Mechanical Energy is used in the Gears

Gears helped change channel frequency in the radio and/or the volume


The Speaker projected the radio also made the alarm noise

Main electrical wire

The Wire supplies the battery with energy from the outlet

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