Shin Guard Ahmed Almutairi

A shin guard is an equipment that was introduced back in the late 1800s in England. The shin guard can be made by different of materials; some of the materials are:

1- Fiberglass. They are stiff and not heavy

2- Foam Rubber. Super light weight but not strong

3- Plastic. The worst type of shin guards when it comes to safety.

Depending on the player position he/she chooses the right shin guard. For example; a midfielder might need a different type of shin guard that a strike or even a defender.

Why is it important to me? I'm a soccer fan and it's the only equipment in soccer that I believe it's interesting.

Is it important for the players?

According to FIFA, a player has to wear a shin guard to play in an official game.

What if a player doesn't wear one?

Best case scenario the referee might stop the game until he/she wears it. On the other hand, the worst case scenario he might get injured.

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Ahmed Almutairi

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