kahakai YOLO

Kahakai means beach. Kahakai is a tropical, island in the Bahamas. Kahakai is all about living life to the fullest. YOLO! No one holds back from anything, they do whatever they want, whenever they want. It is ran by a Polynesian man named Siale. He is the most chill, laid back guy that why he runs the island. EVERYONE loves him! He has a little secretary named Britton but he goes by Britt.

siale and britton

our motto: YOLO, our motto stands for, "You Only Live Once"

mission statement; "because, you only like once, kahukai is here to make the most of your life."


1: get out the house everyday

2: no punishments

3: you have to date longer than 2 month to get married

4: everyone is nice, drama doesnt exsist

5: everyone is up to date on cloths, hair, technology

6: everyone has the all

7: no matter what you eat you cant gain weight

8: school twice a year. may and october

9: no phones during the day

10: everyone lives next to each other. every thing is in walking distance

to live in kahukai you have to be born there, have family there, or have a connection or referral to get in.

daily schedule: everyone wakes up between 10-11am. rest of the day they choice what to do, like surf, hang out, go on adventures. there is a curfew between 12-12:30am.

siales son surfing.

the location of our utopia is, and island near bahamas, it is there because it is all about the chill, surfing, island life

everyone should live in kahukai. this island is for the adventures, out going people. its all about having fun and hanging out and meeting new people.

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