Homecoming 2016 auditorium: 500 Building

Hosted by: Abigail Heltzman, Rodeika Fearon and Northern Burlington High School Staff Members

An school dance for students to kick off the new 2016-17 school year with friends. A night to get dressed up to celebrate the upcoming year. Students can dance, eat mingle and have FUN with others!

Risks: Capacity (not probable), parking (probable), decoration issues (probable), ventilation/air issues (probable), employment (overtime, probable), visibly clear exists (probable), Handicap issues (probable), electric (probable).

Risk Management : Capacity: Can not exceed 910 people. Parking: entrances, exists, and fire lanes need to be completely clear. Decorations: nothing can be hanging over fire alarm strobe lights, they must be visible. Ventilation/Air: No air conditioning, 2 fans on the ceiling; very loud and cool very fast. Employment: custodian must be on duty; overtime. Exits: 2 exits; must be visible and clear at all times. Handicap: no ramp inside auditorium, must go outside through exit door and up ramp on the right then through side entrance. Electric: 2 sets of lights, timer and sensor, sensor lights do not go over on Saturdays.

Northern Contact: Mr William Mckee, personal meeting on 3/17 and communicated through email. Mr. McKee gave a us a summary of all the risk factors that need to be kept in mind when hosting an event in the 500 building during the fall season. Most of the information given to us was common sense like, entrance and exit instructions and fire code rules.

Entrance to the 500 building when in the school
View of entire room from Entrance to building.

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