The Holocaust MAN Productions

Prior to the completion of this project, I had always know the magnitude and tragedy of the holocaust, especially coming from a family of Jewish descent. But, I never knew details of the holocaust, and I wasn't quite aware just how many people died.
Now after completing this project, that was given to us by Mr. Herring. I am definitely more informed due to the plethora of sources I have encountered. Something small, yet impactful that surprises me, is the amount of journals and diaries that were recovered during this time, which allow us to see how this was for the children.
What made the Holocaust the worst genocide of all time, and what does the actual word mean?

What made it so terrible was the fact hat he nazis killed over six million innocent Jewish lives because they believed they were superior to the Jew's and that they were aliens. Holocaust is of Greek origin meaning, "sacrifice by fire".

Was it common for Jewish families to have non jew families protect them? Yes, this was quite common, and in fact many of these people succeeded in hiding their Jewish friends, yet some did not. For those people caught, the consequences were quite severe, and death was likely.
Anne Frank is one of the people who exemplified the most courage during this time in history. For over two years, young Anne lived in hiding from the Nazi's with her family. She wrote down everything she could, and could not see the outside world. She was taken by the Nazi's and died of a sickness after transferring from Auschwitz. Her life exemplifies courage because she made the best out of a very difficult situation, and found it very important to document her time in hiding,
North Korea is a country that has gotten worse and worse over the years. They are a "communist" country in which its citizens are highly oppressed. I find it similar to the Holocaust in the way that the people are ill informed, and the government is trying to brain wash them into believing certain things. Yet, I believe that the Holocaust cannot be compare to anything because it was so disgusting and hateful, that nothing is or will ever be as terrible as the Holocaust

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