KCPDC - Professional Development Conference May 12 -13, 2021


Author: The Leadership Quotient

Mr. Marolt will provide practical techniques to become a better and/or great leader. He will draw on his many career leadership assignments and extract some of the key lessons from his book The Leadership Quotient and explain how he came to adopt these practices. Because everyone is a leader, each of you can gain some insights into yourselves or others and then apply practical, real-world techniques to grow your leadership skills. Our world desperately needs great leaders as the workplace and interactions with each other become more complex, so let's learn how to up our leadership game.

This conference will feature sessions that relate to the 4 Leadership Quotients outlined in Tony Marolt’s book: * The Action Quotient: Project Management, Team Building or Goal Setting * The Intelligence Quotient: Continuous Learning and Development, Building on Strengths * The Decision Quotient: Strategic Thinking, Planning, Data Analysis * The Emotion Quotient: Work/Life Balance, Resilience, Self-Care


Wed - May 12, 2021

8:30AM - Welcome & Keynote


Enter Prize Drawing (Thurs - 11:50AM)

10AM - Sessions (pick 1)

3 Tools You Can Use Right Now for Managing Conflict in the Office presented by Dr. Paula Daoust from MidAmerica Nazarene University JOIN HERE

Is it a challenge to stay focused and think clearly when dealing with conflict in the office? Or are you like most people and either avoid the conflict altogether or say the wrong thing and make the situation worse? It doesn't have to be that way. This session will provide you with three tools you can use right now that will help you get better results and simultaneously, strengthen important relationships.


Retrain your Brain: Use of Mindfulness Tools for Improved Health presented by Dr. Jillian Wenburg from Park University JOIN HERE

Learn how mindfulness and meditation can help you with your work as an educator. Wenburg will discuss useful tools to assist with workplace tension, stress, and anxiety. This workshop provides tips on how to reduce anxiety and harness strength physically and mentally to ensure you are at your healthiest. Utilizing her background as a registered yoga teacher, she will discuss mindfulness, breathing exercises, yoga poses to assist with anxiety and stress, and discuss the benefits of pranayama or breath practices. We will end the session with a meditation and visualization that is sure to help ease some anxiety and prepare you for the end of the Spring term.

11AM - Sessions (pick 1)

Office Arguments and Politics: A Simple Guide to Manage Complicated Conflict presented by Michelle McLane JOIN HERE

Tired of trying to manage the complicated world of office conflict? Worried about how disputes will cost you valuable workplace relationships? This decision quotient session will lend clarity to your conflict and provide a decisive path forward. Attendees of this session will learn to identify common interests, manage conflicts with subordinates and superiors, and take back clarity and control in complex disagreements through the basic IRP conflict resolution model.


Business as Unusual presented by Roger Dusing from Park University JOIN HERE

We are in the middle of some very crazy times. This workshop is built on the Price Pritchett book of the same name and explores how managers need to act "unusually" to adapt to the new and ever changing environment. Learners will discuss a wide range of tips and techniques to help them build and maintain a successful work team.

Thurs - May 13, 2021

Enter Prize Drawing (Thurs - 11:50AM)

9AM - Sessions (pick 1)

Time Management Strategies from the Artistic Mind presented by Emily Kasprzak from Baker University JOIN HERE

This session will focus on sharing time management strategies that help focus your mind, while unblocking your creativity. Using Jocelyn K. Glei’s book "Manage Your Day to Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your Creative Mind" as a foundation, participants will learn tactics that theatre artists use to get the creative juices flowing and stay on schedule. Tools and techniques in this session are applicable to all fields of study.


Collaboration & Partnership: Working Together for a Safer Campus Experience presented by Sara Eckinger & Darby Gough from Avila University JOIN HERE

Administration and victim services are equally important partners in the goal to end gender-based violence on college campuses. This session will highlight the importance of a coordinated community response to best support students experiencing gender-based violence. The presenters will focus on awareness campaigns designed to increase awareness and prevention of gender-based violence, training of administration, faculty, staff on response and available campus/community resources, and supporting the reporting and responding students.

10AM - Sessions (pick 1)

Clearing the Path: Supporting Self-Care with Mindfulness presented by Nicoya Helm JOIN HERE

Mindfulness meditation is a skill that anyone can learn. It helps us explore our inner and outer world to better understand how we think and feel. Research shows that this enhanced understanding can lower stress and anxiety, increase attention and memory, and foster appreciation and joy. In turn, this can improve our ability to care for ourselves, avoid burn out, and create clearer personal and professional paths. Participants will learn what mindfulness is, how to do a basic mindfulness meditation technique, and strategies to use it in daily life – no matter how busy. Concepts presented are from the Unified Mindfulness system, a science-based approach that has been used in neuroscience research studies at Harvard and Carnegie-Mellon Universities.


Leading Virtual Teams: 5 Simple Steps to Leading Remotely with Trust, Collaboration, and Productivity presented by Tammy Ogren from Cottey College JOIN HERE

Join this interactive session to discover what effective virtual leaders know. They don't worry their employees aren't productive when connected from home. They confidently lead engaged employees in an environment of trust and collaboration with a collective focus on moving the organization forward. It's not complex or hard -- join this session to learn 5 simple tips to effectively lead virtual teams.

11AM - Session (pick 1)

Let's Meet at the Art Museum: The Use of Art as a Training Tool presented by Dr. Stuart Munro from UMKC School of Medicine JOIN HERE

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) directs learners to engage more deeply with visual cues to foster empathy through development of listening, observational and communication skills. Thus, VTS provides a novel method by which to improve communication between trainers and their colleagues and clients. VTS proves to be not only an effective training tool but also low-cost and easy to incorporate into established curricula. The presenter will demonstrate use of the visual arts in teaching students through exercises in VTS, which involves group examination of works of art using a standardized process. This drives learners to make meaning out of their visual experience and appreciate multiple interpretations of pieces of art. The presenter will guide the audience through the process for developing VTS teaching exercises to later integrate into their training practices.


Managing Stress in Challenging Times presented by Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi from Avila University  JOIN HERE

Scientific data imply that stress has short- and long-term effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Identifying our stress levels and recognizing the causes of them are first step in managing stress. In this session we will review various ways to measure stress levels quantitively and discuss some of the most common causes of stress. We will further explore warning signs that we normally experience unlinking them to our stress. Some stress reduction methods will be presented as well, and the session will end with a short relaxation and visualization exercise. Tips on how to create a class activity on stress management will be shared as well.

11:50AM Closing/Drawing


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The Professional Development Conference is hosted by the Kansas City Professional Development Council (KCPDC). To learn more about KCPDC CLICK HERE.

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