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Frida Kahlo is from the country of Mexico, and she is known as a painter. She is famous for her many self portaits that often show her in pain from her many surgeries. Other than a few basic art classes that she took while she was a student Kahlo was basically a self taught artist. Her art explores her culture and nationalism to Mexico. After her death, in 1995 The Diary of Frida Kahlo and The Letters of Frida Kahlo were published. Both books show how Kahlo lived and what she experienced. Lastly, Kahlo was politically active as a communist. In the late 1930's she gave refuge to the exiled Soviet leader Leon Trotsky.

Eight Themes of World History

Two of the eight themes that Frida Kahlo can relate to is cultural interaction and religion. This is because Kahlo was an artist. In her art she explored her identity as a Mexican women and artist. Often times in her art there would be religious and cultural symbol incorperated into the painting. She tried to capture Mexican culture in her artwork. Lastly, after her trip to the United States Kahlo said that her nationalism towards Mexico strengthed.

Quote by Frida Kahlo

"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can" This quote relates to frida Kahlo because she was hit by a bus and underwent three dozen operations, however she endured it all and lived to create beautiful pieces of art work that express her and Mexican culture.

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