Dream Motif FInal 2016

Universal Theme

The universal theme is that dreams all have an essential meaning and piece to it; something it needs to survive. Just as water is to life.

Of mice and men

"'You an' me can go get that little place, can't we, George? You an' me can go there an' live nice, can't we George?' Before George answered Candy dropped his head and looked down at the hay. He knew." Page 94.

In this quote, the author is trying to hint that Lennie is the key and support that is holding the dream together. Without him, the dream doesn't feel the same anymore. Lennie was the one who believed in them the most. Since he is gone there isn't much faith to go off of.

Scarlet ibis

"Finally one day he stood alone for a few seconds. When he fell, I grabbed him in my arms and hugged him, our laughter ringing through the swamp like a bell. Now we knew it could be done."

This quote explains that Doodle was the essential source in this story. If it weren't for him, his brothers dream of Doodle walking would never exist. Doodle gave his brother hope of having a normal family again. This made his brother super happy.

The boy in the striped pajamas

"I really wish I could help you find your dad"

This quote is saying Bruno, who's father is a Nazi soldier, wants to help his friend in the stripped pajamas, a Jew, find his father. During the holacost, Bruno sets out on a quest to find this boys father. Meanwhile Bruno's father is burning hundreds of Jews alive, along with the boys father most likely. Bruno gets mixed up in his dream of finding his friends father and ends up getting burned like the Jews.


"We'll go up, up, up but I'll fly a little higher"


This example shows that the song clouds, written by a cancer patient who was given weeks to live, wrote a song. In this song he is talking about how he would like to go to heaven. His dream is to go to heaven when he dies and "fly high".

So whaT? Impact

Dreams are very important in a persons life. Without them you will have nothing to work hard for and look forward to in the end. In all of the examples that I used, there was always an essential piece to the dream. Something else that all of my examples have in common is that the person with the dream or holding the dream together dies without completing the dream.


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