Essence of Essential Oils kaley newport

Pharmacy produced medicine is a combination of chemicals and elements from the periodic table which can hurt the natural functions of the body and lead to unwanted side effects. Many of these medical treatments are prescribed by pediatricians who completely disregard essential oils as medicine.

As a solution to this problem, pediatricians should use essential oils as an alternative medicine. Essential oils contain natural ingredients which heal along side the body and provide medication in honest, helpful ways.

One positive effect of essential oils is its ability to help young children sleep easier and have a restful night. Pediatricians can prescribe lavender essential oils to mother's who have children that struggle with sleep.

Aside from helping children sleep peacefully, essential oils contain many scents that can be used to cure influenza, headaches, bug bites, and can also be used for household chores. Overall, natural ingredients in essential oils help provide a healthier substitute to children's bodies over pharmacy produced medicine.


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