Elementary school Franjo Krežma

Address: Školska ulica 3, 31000 Osijek, Croatia

IBAN HR3825000091102015600

OIB: 60583546374 (VAT number)

OID Number: E10193935

PIC: 930593848

e - mail: ured@os-fkrezme-os.skole.hr

Elementary school Franjo Krežma is located in the very center of Osijek and it is attended by pupils from 6 to 14 years of age (from the 1st to the 8th grade), from all parts of the town.

There are 310 students in 16 grades, and 34 teachers and associates, teaching various subjects according to the national educational curriculum. All of our pupils learn English or German language from the first grade, and some students also attend extracurricular classes of Hungarian language.

The school participated in the national e-school pilot project and therefore By getting ICT equipment, within the e-school pilot project, our school is technologically highly equipped (smart boards, tablets, laptops, LCD projectors, permanent Internet connection ...) and teaching process is modern and interactive because our teachers are digitally well skilled and use all the technology on a daily basis.

Our school is successful in many areas, such as computer science, robotics, geography, chemistry, foreign languages, drama group, school choir, developing growing mindset and healthy lifestyle through cooking, sports, hiking, ecology, stress management and mindfulness, entrepreneurship and manufacturing in school cooperative, volunteering and humanitarian work. All this can be confirmed by numerous acknowledgements and awards from local, regional, national and international workshops, exhibitions and competitions.

Our school is a small elementary school in the centre of the town, but our teachers and pupils are very creative, hardworking and eager to learn, and to broaden and develop their knowledge, skills and experiences. Just because of these qualities, that have been recognized on a national level, our school has been for years an experimental school for a lot of projects implemented by our national Ministry of education (project of the experimental implementation of the Croatian National Educational Standards; IPA project for curriculum development in elementary schools; national e-school pilot project and became The Regional Educational Center. Since its foundation, a total of fifty-six years, the school has been the teacher training center for students of almost all faculties from the local university.

Along with cooperation with Slovenian and Hungarian schools, and participating numerous local, national and international projects, we have we have experience of two KA1 Erasmus+ projects and ongoing Erasmus+ KA229 and two eTwinning projects, all of them related to innovative teaching methods, European cultural heritage, positive psychology, healthy lifestyle, ecology and growing mindset, as a preparation of our pupils for lifelong learning and long-term benefit for their personal and professional life.