Coach V's Cottage Design

To begin this project, I first imagined the layout I would like for this cottage. After deciding upon the dimensions of the structure (9m by 9m), I drew up a simple layout of the cottage from the Bird's Eye View. Afterward, I began to address what the cottage would look like if I were looking at the front or the side of the house from ground level.

After completing the blueprints, my next task was to design a 3-dimensional version of my cottage. Using Tinkercad, I was able to make exterior walls, interior walls, and windows for my home. Additionally, I put a roof on top of the house using the triangular prism button.

Here are the views of my cottage from each perspective. Each perspective was then used to help calculate the costs associated with painting the exterior walls, putting shingles on the roof, and heating the home.


Unfortunately, owning property often has its costs. In the case of this project, we need to calculate the surface area of the exterior walls, the area of the rooftop, and the volume of the home in order to find the cost of paint, shingles, and heating.


Created with images by Trevor Butcher - Artist - "Romantic Cottage Lake"

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