My favorite ping-chin

League of Legends (abbreviated LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and MACOS. The game is the most popular game in 2015 and 2016.

Everyone need a good hobby during their free time.My interesting is playing league of legends.I play this game for 4 years.It brings me many happiness.I make many friends in this game,and this game make me grow up.This game is the most popular game now. This game have many advantages too.We can face different matches every game.This game always bring me many surprise and rewards.

This game need to pick a champion and destroy enemy toward.There are 154 champions in this game.Every champion have different skill we need to use it to win the game.This game have three lane and 6 position- TOP lane(Fighter or Tank) ,MID lane(Mage or Assassin) , BOT lane(Marksman and Support) and Jungler. A balance team is important to win the game.

Viktor is the powerful mage in this game He is transform his body and make him strong. The mage in this game have the stable damage, but they are very weak.It's hard to control champion.The champion always is the essential in the game.

Ashe is the core marksman in the team.She doesn't have the high damage,but her arrow is the key of the game.It always can reverse the game.

Lucian is the flexible marksman.He needs to use his flexible to do damage, but his attack range is very short. We need to have the perfect judgment when we play this champ

This game have bring me different feeling every day.I can play different champion every game.I get many experience in this game. When I feel sad. I just need to play this game with my friends.I can't forgot everything.This game is like drug.When you play it.You can't forgot everything,but when the game closed. Everything is gone you will feel very emptiness.

It can train our leadership.The most important thing in this game is teamwork.We can't do 1 vs 5 in this game.We should issue instructions to our teammates.Even you have the best technique, but this is the teamwork game. Everyone in the game is very important. Mentality is important ,too.Playing the game is just for fun.We shouldn't blame your team mates even they play badly.

If you want to kill your enemy.You need to have the precise judgment or perfect calculating ability.It can make many plays in the game.Reversing the game or carry the team can bring you accomplishment.

This game have many ranks.It can locate your rank from your technique.It have 7 ranks in this game they are Bronze, Sliver ,Gold ,Platinum ,Diamond ,Master , and Challenger.We can got higher rank if we win the game.We can upgrade our rank. Only 200 player can stay at the highest rank -challenger.

I am the top 200 player in this game 2 years ago. I make some money from this game, but I lose the enthusiasm at that time.It didn't bring me any happiness.It make me bored,so I play this game once a day.

This game sometime make me sad.When I lose the game or my team mate blame me.I will feel sad.and don't want to play the game.It take me many time.This game is wasting my time.and it make people addicted in it.If i can go to past.I will stop me playing this game I miss too much thing,because I play this game.

When we grow up. We have many thing to do.We can't spend too much time on the game.I played the games for 8 hours everyday three years ago. I'm happy at that time, but I feel I wasted much time now.I play this game once a while now.After I play this game.My garde is becoming very bad.and I waste so much time on it. Even I feel happy at that time, I shouldn't play it now. I have more important thing to do now



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